To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 19

In a strange turn of events, the ts is missing the last 5 minutes of the ep o_O
As such, there is no 720 raw and we'll be releasing using a 576 high raw first, followed by our usual release tomorrow when MBS airs. The smart people will know why this makes no difference anyway.

UPDATE: HD version out!
Sorry it's a bit late. Here's some 720p goodness. And here's the XviD

Behold, how not to hold your violin:

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SamdidliamboFirst! lol.
CabdWoot! Way to continue to kick butt on subbing. First post?
CabdGuess not lol. Oh well
SamdidliamboHow should you hold a violin?
sucksmissing 5 min? ts sucks! xD
DetectiveEven at 576, a great release :D Keep up the awesome work!
Azure_ShockwaveYAY!!!! It's out! hmmm.... I'll watch to today, then get the 720 tomorrow!
Well for one the violin should be horizontal, so she's already doing it wrong. Her wrist isn't straight, she's playing too far away from the bridge (in fact she might be playing on the fingerboard which is a big no-no) and she should be playing nearer to the base of the bow (although she might just be playing a long note, I can't really tell from a screenshot). I'll need to watch the episode if I want to nitpick some more XP
njamunkywhat if she is playing it fiddle-style? your wrist wont be straight and for a reason....its easier to slide up and down the sales. if shes moving or swaying with the music, it might not necessarily be horizontal; look at the way charlie daniels plays. look at how short the neck is and how long her arm is. i be DAMNED if that aint a fiddle. regardless of what appears to be a fancy dress abll of some sort, as a musician, i can spot the style from a mile (lol made it rhyme).

in the end, its a cartoon. LET IT BE =p.

be happy that mazui even allowed you the right watch a high quality sub of theirs in the first place; they didnt have to release this ya know...

(i dont like nitpickers)
geeat least her left hand is ok... the violin position isn't as important as this... unless she's using a shoulder rest - in which case, there's no excuse... =p
Azure_ShockwaveLOL! relax guys, it's just a show, you don't need to be precise with how to hold a violin!

Real Force!
Lucid_YumeI don't think the nitpicking is too serious... Anyhow, thanks for the ep!
EdwardDFMAI think we should be ranting on about how this ep version wasn't really quite successful..but I guess people care more about a violin than the actual show =p
SamdidliamboI don't play violin, so I'm fine as long as she doesn't play it like a guitar. I can see how such details would be annoying to a violinist, however.

and, for the record, @njamunky: any errors would be the original show's fault, and Mazui brought it up in the first place.
JackSo there is not going to be a 720 mkv version?
MidgemageWhat's wrong with nitpicking? It's not like they're critisizing Mazui; in fact, Mazui themselves have pointed out Misaka's error.

Besides, all of this was said in jest; better to laugh along, or you'll just be ruining the lulz for everyone.
kupiThx a lot!
SamdidliamboAs stated above, "...576 high raw first, followed by our usual release tomorrow..."

720p v2 released sometime tomorrow, if I'm reading this right.
AngelusLooks like he already lost his memory. I wonder if were going to see the sister arc in this series. Don't really matter much to me I still like the show.
imagine breakerxvid please
AnonymousWell if you want to nitpick even more, I'm pretty sure the music is from a viola, not a violin.
mosheeHooray, another episode!

Doesn't matter if it's low res, we still have it :D
MidgemageJust finished, that was actually pretty darn great for filler.

I think this would make a better episode if it was aired last, though. It would make a good ending.
roveほうんと に ありがとう ね~^_^
That just goes to show how uninteresting these "original episodes" (AKA filler) are. How is all of this supposed to take place in 17 days? I mean the manga's chapter titles are the damn dates the events occur on, you'd think it'd be a pretty easy schedule to stick to. Also there's no way we're seeing the Sister arc this season, unless you think they can cover it and all the required back story and build-up in 5 episodes (not to mention the manga hasn't even covered it completely yet). I don't mind the episodes themselves, I mean they're fleshing out some of the minor characters and they're written by the author of the novels and manga as well, it's just that the Sister arc was what we all wanted to see. I couldn't care less about the dorm mistress and her love life, I want to see Accelerator rip a clone's leg off dammit!! /rant
thewizardninjaThat was to EdwardDFMA, not MidgeMage (oops). My comment's kinda confusing unless I point that out XD
wutxvid bigger than h264 LOL
n/aits not a cartoon -_- its an anime. some fan u r. poser. ur both noobs. Dont come here, Mazui is too good for the likes of your kind D:
ECFucking, that's not a violin. God I was trolled. I happen to play Viola, which this should be from or a high pitched cello. ZETSUBOU!
chris'anime' is just the Japanese word for cartoons. They're cartoons.

thanks for the speedy release as usual, Mazui :)
Largowut: Of course xvid is larger, as h264 compression is better than xvid.
fucktardstupidtard how would u explain 720p h264 larger than xvid dumbtard?!
SuzumiyaAnime does not mean cartoon!
srs ?@fucktard
stupidtard how would u explain 720p h264 larger than xvid dumbtard?!

because they both used the same sized raw this time, and xvid is for poorfags who cannot afford a good enough system to play 720p so they have a smaller res+encoding
lololol"Anime does not mean cartoon!"

sadly they're the same thing
MrTRanCeEviLAnime? Cartoon? For me is is different value..
What *u all say? If you otaku, you will know what the different between anime and cartoon..
GeRo?! GeeeRo~ (>Δ<)~

*Otaku = Search in Google and 'google it'...
animeisanimeThey have cartoons in japan too. But anime just overshadows them
annoIn Japan, anime and cartoon are the same thing.
For the rest of the world, anime is only Japanese cartoons.
MrTRanCeEviLI see the bug in op.. Hu hu~ Raw 1280x720 already out for download..
KiruRailgun is even much more successful than Index. But that's imo not because of the story... so I don't see a problem with those fillers.
They are probably making a second season Railgun anyway. (Maybe even before they make one for Index if the sales continue to be that great :D )
Meh720p h264 is bigger than 567p xvid because of THE HIGHER RESOLUTION MAYBEH?

567p h264 is smaller becuz of better compression

and btw anime basicully means animation. but is has taken on a different conotation than it's original meaning. Namely high-quality japanese animation, instead of the usual american cartoon BS.
MaverickBut there's plenty of low-quality Japanese anime BS, too. And, you know, Americans have occasionally produced some animation of merit, too. So "anime = good, cartoon = bad" is a massive oversimplification, inaccurate, contrary to the actual Japanese usage of the word "anime", and probably indicates a certain weeaboo-ness.
anonymousIt's probably been pointed out by someone else somewhere, but at 00:57, Misaka says "I'll was going to [...]". Probably want to fix that for the 720p release.
jofori89Anime is not cartoon, anime, it is Japanese animation, speaking language is Japanese, characters style is Japanese and East Asian, Japanese culture,...

But i think talking about otaku may be... anyway otaku (おたく) not good word T_T
Felix U. FonMany thanks for the release Mazui.
anonymousOkay, I like Wikipedia's Explantion to quiet those above who have no sense of the English Language. If enough enlgish people start calling stupid people Ten-sai!, eventually that borrowed word will be defined in enlgish as somone stupid, despite it's origins meaning fools.

Quote Wikipedia.
"In Japan, the term anime does not specify an animation's nation of origin or style; instead, it serves as a blanket term to refer to all forms of animation from around the world. English-language dictionaries define anime as "a Japanese style of motion-picture animation" or as "a style of animation developed in Japan"."

Thats right, americans stole a word from another country. Defined it, used it, and it became part of the language. Years later a person hears word, and they think it most obviously be short for animation but thiis is false, for in truth americans took a foreign word, as they so often do, and applied a new definition to it and used it before anyone had even thought of the idea of ussing the word anime, as a short word for animation.
EdwardDFMA@thewizardninja: That had nothing to do with what I said but ok, thx 4 da info :3

Regardless of how English-language dictionaries redefine the word, it doesn't change the definition of the original Japanese word. Ergo, anime = cartoon and trying to argue differently is tantamount to denying reality.

Have a nice day.
Nya~n@Azzy: personal reality nullifies that statement. i jest. but really, it's pointless to argue with them weeaboos. don't worry, they'll grow up one day and realise teir mistakes and thank us for it.
Samdidliambo@Azzy: Um, if we were speaking Japanese right now, you'd be right. If we were questioning the meaning implied by the term when someone says it as part of a Japanese sentence, you'd also be right.

However, we are speaking english (note not necessarily american, I for one am Canadian).

As such, The meaning of a word is either how it is used in common everyday conversation, (many examples by previous posters), or, more rigorously, as defined in a reasonably reputable dictionary, as mr. anonymous has kindly provided us.

To reiterate: We are speaking English, therefore we use the English definition *regardless* of the original japanese one.

Practically every word in the english language started out as a borrowed foreign word, many have quite different meanings by now, and we would get nowhere if we always insisted on the original Latin(or greek, german, french, etc.) meaning for every word we used.
Samdidliambo@Nya~n: If you are stealth mocking Azzy, I commend you on a concise and clever joke.
If you are actually serious, It is incredibly arrogant and lazy.
anonymousWhat ever would us English people do without our borrowed "butchered" english words?

I totally aggree with Samdidliambo, were all currently speaking one form or another of enlgish, which means to say: Were all speaking a language which is a combination of many other languages that were butchered so that the english language would be the most complex language in the world, which provides for the highest maxium number of differnent arrays of possible insults that can be made.

One can easily speak English and still use a foreign word with its original meaning (in fact, this is not uncommon within niche communities). Just because you use "anime" solely to refer to cartoons of Japanese origins doesn't negate the possibility for other English speakers to use "anime" to refer to cartoons in general.

Regardless of its usage, however, anime are still cartoons. In general use English (with the narrower definition), they are simply a specific subset of cartoons (in being of Japanese origin). Thus, it is quite appropriate to refer to anime as cartoons... because they are. :P
SuzumiyaAnime are not cartoons and anyone who believes they are are just being nieve. End of story!

Wrong. Anime, by definition, are cartoons. Anyone who can't accept that are pretentious effetist that take themselves too seriously. :P
moshee'Anime' is a transliteration of 'animation', borrowed from the English language, which is why it's written in katakana. I think that's enough explanation.
dgffdgdwhy does everyone above me suck so hard
Lucid_YumeIn the basic, literal sense, anime are cartoons. But if you say that to anyone who watches anime, myself included, you will succeed in extremely pissing them off. It's like calling Manga a comic book. Literally yes, but in all interpretations and understanding of the art form, they are extremely different.
SuzumiyaSo many Engrish fan bois above me. Why the hate for anime? Yes, calling it a cartoon is a low blow... so why the hate?

That's not true, I've been watching anime for at least 30 years and it doesn't piss me off to have anime referred to as cartoons. The only people that get their panties in a twist over anime being called cartoons are people that are either insecure about the fact that they enjoy watching cartoons or those that are trying to make themselves feel superior for something so trivial that it's laughable.

And BTW, manga are comic books. You do know that there are manga-ka that love Western comic books, right?

I've no hate for anime in the slightest—why the hell would I be here if I hated anime? That makes no bloody sense. I dig anime it (well, most of it at least... there's some that's just crap, but that's true of everything).

And if anyone deserves the appellation of "fanboi" it's the people that have a hissy fit over anime being called cartoons. They're the ones that take themselves way too freaking seriously over something that's such a trifle.

Really, now, why so emo?
HarvA word is merely a word until given meaning by the speaker. Words hold different meaning depending on the tone and context in which it is spoken.

Anime is used in Japan to refer to animated cartoons at least originally, yes. I'm not sure if they still refer to western anime as anime still but in most foreign places it is used to refer to a the japanese form.

For example, the french phrase 'cul de sac' is used (in England anyway) to refer to certain roads. In french however it means bottom of bag and in France itself, it has another ruder meaning which will usually causes giggling to ensue when French tourists hear it.

Even wikipedia says: 'The original meaning was in fine art, where cartoon meant a preparatory drawing for a piece of art.'

Would you call the Watchmen comic a cartoon because a cartoon is basically a comic strip? I wouldn't but even if you did, anime is certainly not simply a cartoon. You CAN define it as an animated cartoon in some ways but really it isn't as cartoons are usually short and humourous and lack any real plot. I certainly wouldn't call Miyazaki's Spirited Away an animated cartoon.

If a comic strip is a cartoon then an animated one is an animated cartoon. Therefore anime is not an animated cartoon or a regular cartoon but an animated film or other variant.
VaevictisThanks for the subs Mazui! I really love this cartoon.
mcgeeSo we can't nitpick about the violin but we can't nitpick about etymology? :)

btw, anonymous and EC, it doesn't sound much like a real instrument, viola or violin... it's probably a sampling keyboard. some "solo violin" patch which can go way down (for a true violin). you can notice that on attack portion of each notes - they're too homogeneous...

mcgee[blasphemy]ayea, thanks for the subs. I love this japanimation cartoon.[/blasphemy]
SuzumiyaAzzy, you are not a huge fan are you? Sure you may enjoy anime but you don't really actually LOVE it.

For us people that get annoyed at you simpletons, anime is more than just a general hobby, it is a lifestyle.

I know you probably wont get that, seeing as it is just a "cartoon" to you, but you need to understand that there are people who get much more involved with anime than you do!
sweanonW00t ar3 th3se m4ny w0rds th4t hurts m4i h34dz? Seriously guys, what the hell? Don't you have anything better to waste you're time on?
perryIt hurts my feelings when someone calls anime the same as cartoons... It's just wrong.
Simpelton? You mean because I put anime in perspective and don't treat it like it's fsking sacrosanct? Gotcha.

A lifestyle? Wow. Nothing says "needs to get a life" like calling a mass-produced (and you're in denial if you think it isn't) form of >entertainment< a lifestyle. And you implied that *I* was some sort of fanboi?.

Dude, there's nothing wrong with enjoying anime (or even going to cons and doing some cosplay)... But when you start taking it way too seriously and can't put it into proper perspective you really need to step away for a while.

The works of Shakespeare, Homer, Virgil, Dante, etc. shouldn't command such abject veneration... and they're the subject of study for many scholars. Darker Than Black, for instance, was really great, but it's not the Enuma Elish or Beowulf.

And, actually, I'm quite a fan of anime. Like I said, I've been watching this stuff for at least 30 years (probably longer than you've been alive). However... (and you knew this was coming) ...I accept anime for what it is: Entertainment. Some of it really good (e.g., Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind), some of it complete crap (DBZ comes to mind). None of it deserves the sort mindless fanaticism that you're expressing.

Take a deep breath, grow up, learn some perspective and don't be a weeaboo. Animu is for enjoying, not for worshiping or slitting your wrists to.
SuzumiyaWell whatever.

Putting anime into the "cartoon" category is basically saying it is the same (no better) than Batman, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Powerpuff Girls etc.

This is a insult to anime fans everywhere and you should feel ashamed.

Also, I have a pretty decent life. I am doing my degree in networking at CPIT, I study Wing Chun Kung Fu and Eskrima... Anime is just something special for me and it seems it isn't for you.

Anyway, peace out.

Well, DBZ, Kiddy Girl-and-, Naruto, *are* in the same category and no better than Batman, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Powerpuff Girls etc. So there's that.

And interestingly enough, there was a Power Puff Girls anime. So I guess the Japanese thought the original American show was good enough to be put into the same category as their anime.

And, no, it isn't an "insult to anime fans everywhere", if it's an insult it's only so to those that show extreme religious fervor to a form of entertainment.
SuzumiyaPsh, Naruto is awesome.

Yes I am a fanatic and proud of it, but anime being my religion, hardly!
I am a Jedi... honestly. I even put it on the census.

Actually no. Making the PPG anime doesn't prove that they thought it was good enough, it means they thought it was so crap they had to remake it. Thanks for pointing that one out dude!
Golden-SeaweedWow. You have one messed up logic.

Now, the word cartoon has it's own meaning, it's own history, and in our day, it refers to animated comics and comic books/strip in general. Which in return leads to humourous animation, which leads to entertaining animation.

Disney's movies are also cartoons, are all of them crap? No, actually, a lot of them are large source of inspirations for anime today.
This is your logic to this: Anime does not = Cartoon, because Cartoon = crap and I like anime.
It's like saying that a fish you liked isn't fish because you don't like fish but you liked this one.

Also, admitting being a fanatic, you admit that you are being ignorant and narrowminded.

(PS, The japanese translation for the word cartoon involves "ka-tu-n" "animeshon" And "anime")

Now, that's not to say they aren't a different catagory of cartoons.
IvanTheChemistOK, do you REALLY think that this is the right place for philosophy debates and etymological researches? Watch the episode, enjoy it, then go to sleep/work. Train WT, make a degree, watch cartoons (like Ed,Edd and Eddy) and generally enjoy your life. Don't you know that there is some common sense in the phrase "Arguing on the Internet is like running in the special Olympics - even if you win, you are still retarded.".
Golden-SeaweedWhich again makes your comment pointless too ^^ However, reading through most of these comments did make me lol, and that smile itself was my victory, so I felt like it was worth leaving a comment. However one enjoys ones life, even if as a retard, doesn't matter. After all, there's no need to compare ones life to another if one is happy.
HuziIs 720 released yet? Is 144MB one 720? Looks like too small size though
CrimotakuWell there are bad and good stuff from both western cartoons and eastern anime. Only dif is, cartoons from the west dont have a hentai channel =3

Anime is made to also promote sales items, potential 'moe' items. But cartoons dont take it so seriously at all, they just make and fail and flop. Thats about it.

But anime makers .. even if it sucked, they can somehow still sell it as a limited edition moe loot >_
SuzumiyaWell, just got around to "trying" to watch the episode and I think I will be waiting for the 720p. Can definitely see the quality difference.

One of the down sides of having a huge monitor I guess :(
Huzi720 plz~~ Im waiting on it :)
anonymousSpeaking of nitpicking, what if she's actually playing a viola? xD Re-looking at the episode did they ever say she was playing a violin?
jayeagerly await 720
WidgetGuys, I have the answer: Hip-Hop is not "music," because it's hip-hop and not music. Calling hip-hop something like music would underline its characteristics and origins, so henceforth any mentions to hip-hops shall have to be referred to as "music and hip-hop."
HarvAs I said above, you can hardly compare it to western cartoons.

Also,'those that show extreme religious fervor to a form of entertainment' reminds me GREATLY of sports (depending where you are, football, baseball, cricket, american football etc). People go mad about all forms of entertainment (Star Wars, musical artists) so what's wrong with Suzumiya loving anime?

Suzumiya never said they worshipped anime anyway and it is just 'something special,' unlike how other things are for other fanatics.

Concerning "you can hardly compare it to western cartoons"

Oh? I already have, but I'll do it again. Anime like Kiddy Girl-and-, Pokemon, DBZ, (I'll leave Naruto out of the list for Suzumiya's sake, even though I don't care for it), etc. all suck just like several Western cartoons that I can't be bothered to think about right now. On the other hand, some Disney's classics like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White are excellent just like some of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's works. In the middle road, there some mediocre~good titles like Titan AE (for the West) and Vampire Knight (for Japan).

Really, the mentality that all Western animation sucks is just wrongheaded. Some of it is good, some of it... not so much. The same applies to anime as well, though.

And then there's Western-Japanese co-productions (Like a lot of the cartoons from the 80s). Do the just half-suck? :P

As for "Also,'those that show extreme religious fervor to a form of entertainment' reminds me GREATLY of sports"

Just because the other kids are doing it doesn't make it right. :P I think that sports zealots (college football fans, especially) are nutters, too.

For "Would you call the Watchmen comic a cartoon because a cartoon is basically a comic strip?"

Yes I would. Especially when people get pretentious about it. Watchmen is excellent piece of storytelling and will continue to be so regardless of whether you call it a cartoon, comic book, graphic novel, sequential art or (as the Japanese would) manga. A work of art or entertainment stands on its own merits (or lack thereof) no matter what you choose to call it.

The idea that "cartoon" is some sort of bad, demeaning word is simply stupid. That some people don't like to have their particular type of sequential art/animation referred to as cartoons because they don't want to be associated with some other type of sequential art/animation is effetism at best and basic insecurity at worst. Those of us that are secure in our appreciation for Japanese cartoons (or whatever we choose to fancy) don't feel the need for such pretentiousness.

As for "Suzumiya never said they worshiped anime anyway"

Nor did I ever say that he actually did. I was comparing the way that he was treating anime as sacrosanct and "above" having the term "cartoon" applied to it to religious zeal.
lothmeh. I think having a distinction between anime and cartoons is a good thing. The term cartoon generally implies something geared toward children and utterly lacking a story or character development. Even here in the US, DreamWorks and Pixar don't call their work cartoons; they're "animated films". So yeah - anime, cartoons, and "animated films" may all be animated in nature, but they are all very different beasts - in their target audiences, scope, and especially quality. Cartoon Network's Saturday lineup is not equal to Evangelion, Ergo Proxy or Ghost in the Shell. Neither would it be equal to Shrek, Toy Story or Monsters Vs Aliens. To equate them is like saying Avatar and Plan9 From outer Space are on equal footing. Comic Books suffer a similar problem, which is why the better stuff gets known as Graphic Novels. As much as I like Garfield, it's not the same as Watchmen.
lighto13cartoon sucks
anime rocks

they are not the same

cartoon is for small children and not for
most anime-watchers ages (13-21?)

although there are anime for small children,
its mostly for that age range

plus, anime looks better than cartoon.
C0D3_G3A5S*Looks at above comments*


...Thanks, Mazui, for the subs as always...?
lakeI showed all these arguments to my 14yo son and asked him to tell me what he thought of the ongoing argument. He laughed as both sides. He said that, and I quote, "why are they arguing about a stupid word? It's all entereainment to me." If a 14yo can see through the argument then surely you ultra elite anime viewers can see through the argument as BS. Just another bunch of soap box politicians making themselves heard about nothing important. @ lighto13 it's 13-99 and counting. You are never too old for a really good story.
MargaanOK, seriously, reading this discussion is enough to make philosophers weep. We really need to clarify the fact that there are two entirely separate (though connected) arguments going on here:

1. Semantic. The distinction between "anime" and "cartoons" is entirely arbitrary, and based solely on each individual's personal definitions of the words. Etymologically, I don't think that there's any pertinent difference between the two phrases, but it is true that they have become separated in the popular consciousness. Therefore: if you're arguing the semantics of "anime" vs. "cartoons," please take the time to define exactly what you mean by each word.

2. Qualitative. The real question here is, "true or false: Japanese animation is better than non-Japanese animation." Personally I find this discussion to be stupid on several levels, as is often the case with attempts to make universal truth statements. I mean, no one will deny that some Japanese animated products, such as "Apocalypse Zero" or "H2O," are artistically inferior to some non-Japanese animated products---for instance "Persepolis" or the Russian "The Old Man and the Sea." Japanese animation may be made for a wider range of audiences than most (though certainly not all) non-Japanese animation, but it seems that non of you have even heard of "Sazae-san" or "Shin-chan" or "Kochikame," or noticed just how young Tezuka's work skewed. There also seems to be a general glossing-over of the question of what makes animation "Japanese" anyway: laying aside the fact that modern anime often have more non-Japanese animators than Japanese staff, would you say that "The Animatrix" is anime? How about "Tekkonkinkreet"? Basically, it's a lot easier simply to avoid the silly dichotomy between "anime" and "cartoons" and save ourselves from having to explain away every conceivable "special case" than it is to obstinately maintain that somehow the two things are completely separate and one is better than the other.

In my view, and generally speaking, the Japanese produce more interesting and often more adult-oriented commercial animation than other countries. And I guess that I don't need to say anything else about the matter.
MargaanBlast, lake pretty much said everything that needed to be said while I was writing my bit.

(Should of course read "entirely separate but related," not "connected.")
Hett GuttAll these TL;DR internet snowabll fights are great, but I'm just glad I have my Railgun. TYVM Mazui, nanodesu.
UlrezajWow. Sorry to interrupt you guys, but I just wanted to mention the HD is out.

Carry on.
MyoukochouThank you very much! ♥

(I’m staying out of the tl;dr. )
funkyThanks for the subs!

Is the xvid the fixed version, or is that missing the last 5 minutes like the v1?
MeeWow, release it when I decide to watch the other one and am half way through :(
MrTRanCeEviLThank Mazui for 720p.. I can sleep now.. Zz..
@Margaan ï½¢Are u Otaku Sensei?!~ But, i like it.. Detail to much.. The differences between anime and cartoon..ï½£
GeRo~ GeRo~ (゚∀゚)~ ♪ 「My Time GMT+8」
bakaThank you for the 720p.
Anon@MrTrancevil: Are U Mareshian? Bad english lol
SuzumiyaThanks for the 720p.

Anyway, it doesn't matter how much you guys argue, the fact is, anime is not the same as cartoons. Come on Azzy, write another billion words as to why I am wrong, wont change the fact they are different though.

@lake Also, about your 14 year old son... Teenagers are idiots, can't trust anything they say.
InvisiblemooseThanks for the subs as always. Excellent cartoon.

@mcgee: I agree. I think the violin's synthetic.
nikolai131Read and see why cartoons are as stupid as nothing else existing in the world cause they lack plot and character development in most of them and they include only stupid and cliche jokes that only freaks laugh to them:


Cartoons usually have a simple and defined plot. And they’re usually about the good guys fighting the bad guys. Cartoons rarely go beyond that old cliché. Most Anime series, on the other hand, are also about the same good vs. evil but the plots are rarely simple and rarely predictable. You’ll find an element of politics, religion, humanity, and a score of several other abstract concepts within an anime. Whereas cartoons are just about ‘evil’ cats chasing ‘innocent’ mice or a hero defending himself and others from a very evil bully. Anime can blur the lines between good and evil so much that you’ll be left wondering which side is really right. Look at the plot of Gundam, there aren’t any good guys or bad guys. They’re both fighting for a cause – a worthy one, and both sides are prepared to do good and evil to achieve their goals. Look at the Wave Country arc of Naruto which is now at Naruto Shippuden. Zabuza, evil as he was, had evoked more sympathetic tears than any of the typical Disney antagonists. There are, however, few exceptions to the ‘cartoons are simple’ rule. There are cartoon series that are far advanced like X-men.

In terms of humor, anime goes beyond the slapstick comedy that cartoons offer. There won’t be any corny joke about the chicken crossing the road with anime. There won’t even be the quintessential banana peal. Anime humor is deep and witty. However, it is to be noted that cartoons are mostly for kids. Anime can be for an adult audience; it mostly is, actually. There are even times when anime plots are hardly suited for children.


In cartoons, there’s a protagonist, an antagonist, and a damsel in distress. Their roles are well-defined and clear and the characters always act according to their roles. In anime, however, the damsel in distress may very well become the antagonist, leaving the protagonist in distress. There’s no knowing what to expect in anime. Anime characters, a lot of times, are developed overtime through trials and growth, while cartoon characters remain the same from when the show started. (Of course, there are exceptions such as Spiderman.) Since there’s an ongoing plot, Anime characters actually grow up and may even produce the next generation for the series. Anime fans tend to get into the characters a lot deeper because of the characters’ depth and charm. Consider Naruto; viewers see him growing up from an infant to a young powerful ninja, the way he relates to people, the way he learns new techniques, and the way he evolves visually. That is one of the chief reasons for popularities of anime over plain cartoons.
lake@Suzumiya, And just what makes you say that? Would you call your own child an idiot? Your calous generalization shows that you are an evolutionary dead end. Please do not procreate and do the rest of us a favor and STFU. I'll let you in on a little secret, He has picked out some great anime and has looked at some of the stupid things that people go gaga over and laughed. His tastes are for a good story and don't have anything to do with stupid things like anime' and cartoon. We both laugh at Bugs Bunny and Road Runner and wait raptly for new episodes of Dance in the Vampire Bund and Railgun. We laugh and have fun watching. IT'S ENTERTAINMENT MORON!
CDP5280Hey guys, I'm pretty sure that every one here knows the difference between cartoons and anime.
JJWill Mazui be subbing the Railgun MMR special(s)?
GhThat 'scientific' (lol) Railgun works against all laws of motion and someone still cares how to hold violin. lolz.
Invisiblemoose@Lake: Hehe, you wait raptly?

And the Vampire Bund anime is utterly awful.

@CDP5280: Trick question, right? In English, Anime refers to Japanese cartoons...
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FalmeHaze Ya, Its not working for me either. Its says, Invalid torrent file!
lolitamaniaWhen I wan to download the HD, it said your peer block the connection.
ArccNo wonder. The file has no actual data content.
Having a distinction is good (and I’m all for it), but I disagree that it should be a distinction *from* cartoons, but a distinction as a particular *type* of cartoon. "Cartoon", regardless of how some people here irrationally treat it, is not a bad word and it shouldn't be treated as such.

Also, while you may have a personal bias to feeling that the word "cartoon" conveys children's fare that view is just personal bias and not inherent to the word itself. Also, it's exactly this sort of personal bias that a lot of the older generation of anime fans were trying abolish—cartoons are not necessarily only for children and they're not all low-quality. Heck, back in the 80s when is wasn't so easy to get your anime fix nobody used the term "anime" at all—we simply called it Japanese animation or Japanimation.

As for Pixar & Dreamworks... Many of these "animated films" are marketed towards children and typically don't have the depth of storytelling that we see in the better anime, so they do fall under the category of "cartoon", giver your personal bias of the word. Also, the term "animated film" is used more to differentiate it from an "animated short" than to differentiate it from "cartoons". On top of that, I'm not sure if computer animation really counts as cartoons or not as they're not *drawn*. Of course the lines between traditional drawn animation and computer animation are becoming increasingly blurred, so we may as well go ahead and embrace computer animation under the umbrella of cartoons for whatever it's worth.

Really, that's your (obtuse) personal bias and isn't inherent in the actual definition of the word:

Don't mistake, this "argument" is entertaining me greatly. I find the amount of fan-wank over, as your son rightly puts it, a "stupid word" quite ridiculous.

While I'm having sport with those that are indulging in fan-wanking (I'm looking at you n/a, Suzumiya, MrTRanCeEviL, animeisanime, lighto13 & nikolai131), I still enjoy having the discussion with those that are a bit more rational.

Damn you for reminding me of H20 when I had almost forgotten it! Otherwise, excellent post.

Cool, thanks! I hope you guys are being entertained by this. :D

See my comment to lighto13. You're making up definitions to suit your own personal bias.


Thank you subbing these Japanese cartoons! :)
EdwardDFMAlolz no torrent for me no 720p or XviD working for me, when I click it it says: The connection was reset or some crap like that, I'm using firefox but even so I tried it in that crappy ass IE and still no working =/
Lucid_Yumelols.. too much text... *adds more*
This isn't a forum...
Thanks again for the ep Mazui!! (and the cartoon/anime + violin hate it entails)
Yeah, All anime has really unpredictable plots, great character depth and development. /sarcasm off

You do realize your example of naruto, is very poor. First 100 episodes or so = I want to become hokage and for people to accept me. Rest: I want to bring sasuke back!

Doraemon is an anime. ...Where's the character growth? WHAT THE HECK IS THE PLOT!?

By simply looking at some of the sillier cartoons, and making special exception rules for ones that are serious is just silly.

"Read and see why cartoons are as stupid as nothing else existing in the world cause they lack plot and character development in most of them and they include only stupid and cliche jokes that only freaks laugh to them"
For a moment I thought you were explaining the vast majority of anime.

In the end, in Japan, comic books, are manga, whether they are from japan or not, and cartoons, are anime whether they are from japan or not.

PS, I'm still looking for an intellectual comment of why Anime is not cartoon, by definition of the word.
Cartoon means Humorous Illustration/Animation. Humorous is synonymous with Amusing, which is synonymous with entertaining.
LehaGeesus.. all that to scroll to the bottom. *rolls eyes*

EdwardDFMA: None of them work. The server that houses their torrents isn't responding.

anon: Learn not to suck bandwidth. Hell, it might simply be that so many ppl used xdcc, that the server has no more juice to spare for the non-bandwidth suckers who use torrent to redistribute without it costing mazui money in server fees. Go figure.

I have a bad feeling a whole 'torrent vs. xdcc' bullcrap debate will start after this.. but oh well.
MrTRanCeEviL@Anon I use Singapore English.. But i not Singaporean.. Sorry bad in English..
Morning!~ GeRo~ GeRo~ (^_^)..
SuzumiyaIn the end, most of you have no idea what you are talking about.

Anime =/= Cartoons. Never has. Never will. To think otherwise is ignorant!
PadoAnime = Animation. Cartoon = cartoon.
3D animation =/= 3D cartoon. There is a difference.
FF-FANATICIs it only me or is the 720p torrent corrupted?
MrTRanCeEviL@Anon "Are U 'Mareshian'?" What is 'Mareshian'?.. Malaysian!? Hu~
@njamunky Hu~ hu~ Topic to Hot? Anime! Cartoon!
@Suzumiya Yea.. I agree too!..
@Azzy Thank..
@Mazui GO Go GO!! I still support u all forever.. Don't dead ok..
Thank you the object lesson in irony. Hint: Your comment belies your own ignorance.

Your personal bias is not fact. In fact, your personal bias is at odds with the fact that the definition of the word "cartoon" encompasses "anime" regardless of how much that fact (irrationally) gets your dander up.

So stop being a fan-wanking weeaboo, it's just ridiculous. Anime is not sacrosanct.
sirabcHey, anyone know what was written on the cake that Uiharu cut up?
Cabashois it just me or the XviD link is not working (again)?
MrTRanCeEviLMrTRanCeEviL is confuse.. (!_?)~
Please someone stop this topic!!

Honestly, no matter how much you try to tarnish the name of anime, it wont make it a cartoon. Just get over it man!
lake@Suzumiya, how old are you? 5? you act like it. My son acted that way when he was 5. He grew out of it.
= =could you check .mkv torrent file... it seem missing = ="
ReizoWhen I try to open the torrent in uTorrent, it keeps saying "Invalid torrent file!" Can someone help?
lothAn entertaining argument, to be sure. I'll concede the fact that not all anime is great - I've seen some that is plain terrible. I feel that anime -in general- tends towards higher quality than the US market, but this could simply be selective viewing habits.

Words are in a constant flux of meaning (for better or worse), so as much as we may like to pin them down in a dictionary, the manner in which they are used becomes the dominant definition of the word - even if it is incorrect by the book. Adult Swim does offer adult oriented shows (not that I particularly like the Squid Billies) but they are overshadowed by an overwhelming majority of shows aimed at children. Thus, at least where I live, the word cartoon becomes synonymous with "children's show". Because of this, whether deliberate or not, it feels condescending when applied to a show that I know is not for children. For example, how would you feel if while reading War and Peace everyone treated it like you were reading Goosebumps? Maybe I shouldn't care, but if I want to share the good stuff I find, there is usually a negative barrier that has to be overcome because the notion that animation = cartoon = children's show. This is a cultural shift and a word has to be used to define the idea equating animation with adult animation (or cartoon redefined closer to it's original meaning). I believe the term "anime" is slowly moving to fulfilling that in popular culture.

Oh btw, seems to be down, hence why the HD (and all the other torrents) can't be downloaded. Hopefully it'll come back soon, or this thread might get very, very long.
MrTRanCeEviLDownload 720p link
lothwoot! Thanks for the mirror.
ZeroX25*Looks at above argument*

Anyways... Thanks for the subs, Mazui.
^.^Link not working for me =(
Sorry dude, your esper powers seem to be off. I am actually 22. I know, hard to believe ae, but it's true.

Anime =/= cartoons!
anonymousLol @tards arguing
nodickok i cut my dick off!
faggotAnimation =/= Anime. Face it Anime is the illusion of animation. Also Mazui's encodes are not that great.
anonymouslol @ Suzumiya
InvisiblemooseShut up faggot, the encodes are awesome.
MrTRanCeEviL@faggot Don't say like that.. Mazui is the best..
AlexMy, my, my, looks like a lively discussion tonight. It also looks like Suzumiya is being trounced by many of the participants in the comments tonight. After reading all the entries I see that there is a basic misconception being floated here, that being that anyone here really gives a tinkers damn about anyone else’s opinion. That being said, it reminds me that everyone has an opinion like a butthole. Suzumiya just is a bit emphatic about his opinion and it has no more value than any other opinion. However if he passes gas like his opinion, I wouldn’t want to be in the same house. You would think that a 22yo would have better things to do than argue the semantics of words. Would you happen to be an English major? If so then maybe I should have a long talk with your professor and see if we can get you started over again. How ever I don’t think that you are an English major so please don’t try and argue about the meaning of words. It’s like you showed up to a spelling bee for a foreign language.

So, When you decide to come up out of your parents basement and have some dinner that your mom cooked for you to keep your 300lb bulk going, maybe you will take the time to think about what a hentai otaku you really are.

This is all entertainment and your lovely ranting and raving have humored me to no end tonight. Now I’ll watch the cartoon show and enjoy a few laughs.

Thanks Mazui, Great work and many hours of enjoyment!
anonymouslol @ suzumiya indeed

how about this:
Wow dude. You really know how to insult someone while trying to make youself look like a saint. Bravo!

Anyhow, the argument here isn't about my basement, it's about anime not being cartoons. Once you get your head around that, try posting again.
anonymousSure feels buthurt in here.

Thanks for the 720p version.

from this point on the conversation is useless, TL;DR nerdrage tbh
dualinlineIt started with the violin

Kuroko: "What is Onee-san~, you look pale"

Misaka: "ohh, I started to feel uncomfortable since i played that violin solo"

Kuroko: "should I accompany you to the clinic?"

Misaka: "No its OK, I feel like somewhere there are people arguing because of that violin solo. It makes me have goosebumps,

Kuroko: "Nah, its just your imagination Onee-san."


Kuroko: "AH, 720p is out! Tnx MAZUI :3"
InvisiblemooseSuzumiya... you troll hard, man. Kudos.
mcgeeHas everyone agreed upon the topic's subject? Because I'm not watching this cartoon until everyone's on terms!!!
nikolai131@Azzy: since u seem to be so proud of urself and ur stupid cartoons... Tell me what ANIME is/means?????
JikapYou know... Anime is made in Japan, that's pretty much the only difference between anime and cartoons by definition...

I've seen people claim "Avatar: the last Airbender" is an anime, even though it's definitely a cartoon...

I've also spent years thinking "Moomin" was a cartoon, only to discover that it was animated in Japan, and thus is an anime...

Style, storytelling and/or quality can't really be used to tell them apart...
nikolai 131Actually it can ... And the difference in animation is OBVIOS ... u gotta be blind if u don't see it lmao
AlexSuzumiya, Who said that I was a dude? Once again you have prejudged something you have no concept of. I guess that I struck a nerve. Just remember that thinga are not always what they seem and cartoons are just that, be they Japanese in origin or not. Think of it like this; Major heading: CARTOON Sub heading: ANIME' They are not different they are the same. They are animated drawings of fictional charicters in a contrived plot. The ONLY difference is that Japanese cartoons have a somewhat better chance of being drawn anitomicaly correct. Unless you look at shows like Kamen riders? Super deformed charicters are a resuly of American influence and lazyness on the part of an animator in my opinion (and yes my opinion can stink too). but please note the word ANIMATOR, it is the same no matter what country you are in.
One last thing... I'm no saint.
/annimay, annim/

• noun Japanese animated films, typically having a science fiction theme.

— ORIGIN Japanese.

enough said!
Look babe, I know you are no saint. It's pretty obvious. If you had any kind of reading comprehension you would see that I said "make youself look like a saint" not that you are one.

Anyway, anime and cartoons are not the same. They are completly different species. To say they are the same is to say humans and orangutans are the same. It just is not true.

You can try and argue this more, which you most certainly will, but all you are doing is abusing anime :( So sad!
TKWhat drivel. Are you all stupid? Anal retentive? Myopic? Or do you all like arguing about nothing. It looks like people hiding behind computer screens with no life beyond throwing words back and forth like dogs pissing on the same bush. This has gone into the realm of absurd.
Thanks for the show Mazui!
Nuubyimo there is too much arguing over simple words when the object of anime itself is for relaxation. [Unless your a srs otaku][Or troll]
I also agree that I like anime more than cartoons.But I dont see any reason to fight just because someone used cartoon instead of anime.
So stop the flaming and enjoy the zaping.
The problem is this:
Words HAVE meanings, and there are those who know those meanings (call them group A). When other people (group B) say something that is blatantly incorrect, group A feels a need to correct and educate them. Then group B gets upset because they either don't care that their wrong or don't like to be corrected, and flame wars begin.

I agree the flaming is pointless, but the fact is the meaning of the word "Anime" is different from that of "cartoon", so there is merit to the argument.

Thanks for the release Mazui, loving it!!
chocolatesupraI know how to end this debate- let's ask 4chan.
GrrrrWhy the would you put the image of her playing the violin in the post??? Obviously throughout the episode the content of the performance is supposed to be a surprise? Slightly angry at the spoiler. Normally I wouldn't come to the page except for the 576p confusion
LA49[Suzumiya @Alex
Look babe, I know you are no saint. It's pretty obvious. If you had any kind of reading comprehension you would see that I said "make youself look like a saint" not that you are one.

Anyway, anime and cartoons are not the same. They are completly different species. To say they are the same is to say humans and orangutans are the same. It just is not true.

You can try and argue this more, which you most certainly will, but all you are doing is abusing anime :( So sad!]

Totaly rejected as idiotic and pointless. I agree with TK, Grow up.
Thanks Mazui, Great show!
EdwardDFMAlolz Touma & Index! XDDD
AzzyI literally lolled for about four minutes (while my cats looked slightly perplexed before turning back to wash themselves, nonplussed) after reading the varied responses today.

Let me say up front, thank you for your ability to have a rational discussion.

• “Words are in a constant flux of meaning (for better or worse), so as much as we may like to pin them down in a dictionary, the manner in which they are used becomes the dominant definition of the word - even if it is incorrect by the book.”

Each year, Dictionariy companies review the definition of words and update them if a word is added or if a new or particular usage of a word becomes widespread or dominant as to stay relatively current with the constant flux meaning and usage. Thus, I wouldn’t discount dictionaries as an authoritative source of word definition and dominant usage.

Also, I think it would be better to combat the (wrongheaded) notion that cartoons are for children or of low quality. This way, it might encourage more Western companies to produce quality, adult animation for a change.

• “I feel that anime -in general- tends towards higher quality than the US market, but this could simply be selective viewing habits.”
In general, I tend to agree. Again, as with you, this is could likely be selective sampling as I watch far more anime than I do Western animation.

• “For example, how would you feel if while reading War and Peace everyone treated it like you were reading Goosebumps?”
I’d laugh at them… Goosebumps can’t be nearly as sleep inducing. Also, for the ones whose opinions I would otherwise listen to, I’s suggest to them not to be dismissive without giving it a shot.

Who’s the bigger “tard”, he who argues online or he that complain about those that argue online? :P

And what, pray tell, is wrong with Mazui’s encodes?

Apropos of nothing, that a great name. :)

• “Tell me what ANIME is/means?????”
Well, in the original Japanese sense, “anime” simple means animated cartoons—whether Akira, Cinderella, Yogi Bear or Beavis and Butthead. In general English parlance, “anime” generally refers strictly to animated cartoons from Japan (but I’ve also see it used to refer to Chinese or Korean animation).

• “And the difference in animation is OBVIOS”
Actually, no, Jikap is quite correct: Storytelling and/or quality *can't* be used to tell them apart. Apparently, you’ve only seen a relatively small sampling of anime. As others have pointed out, Doreamon, Shin-chan and other anime are comparable to Scooby Doo, Loony Tunes, etc. are far as storytelling is concerned. As far as quality, Kemonozume, for example, has quite a lot of it—just not the good kind.

• “This has gone into the realm of absurd.”
No, this started in the realm of absurd when some weeaboo got his/her knickers in a bunch over someone offhandedly (and without condescension) referring to Railgun as a “cartoon”.

Also, you really should stop hiding behind computer screens with no life beyond trying to insult people arguing on line. :P

Please do, I’m sure it’ll turn out splendidly. :D

There’s a very basic problem with your analogy. If we were, as in your analogy, to consider anime a species (which I wouldn’t, I’d go for family and call each anime title a species, but I digress) we would not also consider cartoon a species. Instead, cartoon would be a genus with anime being a species of that genus. Cartoon is a broader term that encompasses different types of animation (including anime).

And… Abusing anime? That’s an asinine notion.
nikolai131@Azzy: Yes, "Anime" refers to animation style created and used in Japan originally. It was first known as "japanimation". The Majority of Anime series is not suitable for kids, but of course they have something for every age groups. Anime style features "featuring characters with large eyes, big hair and elongated limbs, exaggerated facial expressions, brush-stroked outlines, limited motion and other distinctive features unlike the American cartoons"

As of "CARTOON" ... At first it was used for funny style of art (mostly 1 shot) and for american comics. And now it is used to describe funny style of animation (mostly for children but with exceptions) featuring anthropomorphized animals, superheroes, the adventures of child protagonists and etc.
Cabashoi dont know bout the "age" distinction in cartoon and anime, but i have something clear, anime and cartoon are different species in what u would call style and origin, is like comparing an belgian shepherd and an australian shepherd, both are dogs, both are used for guarding sheeps and both are owned as pets for lots of people, but they r not the same, same with cartoon and anime, both are animations, both are used for enjoyment of people of different ages and even collected by some maniacs (like myself, i collect animes) but they are not the same =3

well, just to say something on the topic, not that i really care bout what other people think, i think everyone can belive what they want, been it right or wrong, it is each one personal truth =P

so, no on the real topic, can anyone download the XviD encode of this episode? it isn't working for me =S
Cabashoforget it, i managed to make it work =3
EdwardDFMAWell to those who just want a really simpler answer instead of reading all this wall of text
Anime is japanese cartoons, this is how the "white" or should I say early "Americans" adapted it to calling it, in the end they're just cartoons =p
• “The Majority of Anime series is not suitable for kids, but of course they have something for every age groups.”
Actually, the vast majority of anime *is* marketed towards kids (teenagers are kids, y’know). Also, not all anime feature “characters with large eyes, big hair and elongated limbs, exaggerated facial expressions, brush-stroked outlines, limited motion”. Big eyes, small mouths may be predominate, but there are anime that depart from the general style.

• “As of "CARTOON"”
Here we go again with people making up definitions to suit their own personal bias. Here, have some real definitions:


American Heritage (and others):



• “ is like comparing an belgian shepherd and an australian shepherd, both are dogs”
Um, no. Like I pointed out to LA49, that analogy fails. It would be more correct to say that “cartoons” are “dogs” and “anime” is an “Akita”, a breed of “dogs”. Savvy?

• “i think everyone can belive what they want, been it right or wrong, it is each one personal truth”
Which is all well and good, I am perfectly fine with people having their own personal truth on matters like this… Up until, however, they flip out and try to “correct” others who do not share their “personal truth” when their “personal truth” is at odds with the *facts* (as is in the case of people denying that anime are cartoons). At that point, people with their “personal truths” should well expect to have the facts shoved back in their faces.

So, believe what you want—just don’t try to pass it off as fact when it clearly isn’t.
chocolatesupraThis has reminded me of a semantics discussion I often have with my father, so let's see how it fits here: He used to eat at Long John Silver's a lot, but he could never remember the name so he called it "Skipper's." Fast forward a few years and now his favorite restaurant is the local Sizzler's, which he also calls "Skipper's" because he's grown accustomed to using that name. When I try to correct him, he says that as long as I understood what he meant, then it's the right word, because the point of language is simply communication.

So, since he has modified a word to mean something other than its original intended meaning, does that mean Sizzler's and Long John Silver's should both change their names to "Skipper's," or does it mean simply that someone is using a different word to describe something?

Just because some people use the term "anime" to refer to Japanese animation, does that make "anime" the official term for that style, or does it mean someone is simply using that term to differentiate between styles?

EdwardDFMASpeaking of cartoons how about you kiddos go and watch em instead of going on ranting bout what "cartoons/anime" should be defined as.
NuubyI would say that cartoon would be like the language and anime would be like the dialect.Based on the general idea of the language but very different.
SuzumiyaAzzy, like you can talk. You are the one who started the whole personal insults here. Go back and have a look, it was you!
lakeWOW! 171 entries and the majority are flame and pucker. NEW RECORD of SHAME! (yes I include myself in this!)
RedThis is my kind of comment page!
thewizardninjaEven taking aside the connotations we Westerners have given the term "anime" in referring to Japanese animation, calling them cartoons is just plain incorrect. In Japan "anime" is just a word that refers to something that has been animated. It doesn't matter where it comes from or what era it was made in, they use the same word to describe all of them. The word "cartoon" doesn't refer to animation at all unless it's an ANIMATED cartoon which are usually shorts based on comic strips. Stuff like Looney Tunes are cartoons and so are most of Hanna-Barbera's works, however something like Disney's "The Lion King" IS NOT a cartoon - it's an animated feature film. "Cartoon" is not a blanket term like anime is and therefore they shouldn't be used interchangeably. It's like the saying "All apples are fruit but not all fruit are apples", a person speaking Japanese wouldn't be wrong if they referred to a cartoon as anime but they would be if they called an anime a cartoon (unless it actually fits the definition of a cartoon of course).
thewizardninjaEven taking aside the connotations we Westerners have given the term "anime" in referring to Japanese animation, calling them cartoons is just plain incorrect. In Japan "anime" is just a word that refers to something that has been animated. It doesn't matter where it comes from or what era it was made in, they use the same word to describe all of them. The word "cartoon" doesn't refer to animation at all unless it's an ANIMATED cartoon which are usually shorts based on comic strips. Stuff like Looney Tunes are cartoons and so are most of Hanna-Barbera's works, however something like Disney's "The Lion King" IS NOT a cartoon - it's an animated feature film. "Cartoon" is not a blanket term like anime is and therefore they shouldn't be used interchangeably. It's like the saying "All apples are fruit but not all fruit are apples", a person speaking Japanese wouldn't be wrong if they referred to a cartoon as anime but they would be if they called an anime a cartoon (unless it actually fits the definition of a cartoon of course).
MrTRanCeEviLPlease use 'good word' term in post.. Don't put word into flame(rudeness).. Because i read it all.. Modest and respectful please~ Hu hu~
Hot hot~ GeRo~ (@_@)~
HarvWhen I said you can't exactly compare them, I meant because techincally by definition they aren't the same thing. 'The word "cartoon" doesn't refer to animation at all unless it's an ANIMATED cartoon which are usually shorts based on comic strips.'

But I have to agree with everything else you're saying though.
lvl80Troll_PriestMan Azzy is a complete and utter fucktard. Who on Earth would call a cartoon an anime? They are NOT interchangeable You'd have to be a retard for that, the only equivalent to cartoons in anime would be that of the Kodomo variety. So quit your trolling and piss off wank stain

@ Jikap
FYI Avatar has never been anime, only insecure, delusional fuckwits call it that
to reassure themselves in the fact that they still watch that cartoon crap
Azem4144Thanks for the sub! Damn, the violin play was good!!! Misaka Mikoto increased a rank! XD
deno4144I was waiting for Touma's appearance, I knew he will because, it's for all people~ Didn't expect that he'd before the violin play, but really different about the current him. Uiharu ojou-sama mode is not so fit her. XD I wish I was there and could explore the school! :D
Once again, you’re on the wrong side of the facts. If you actually went back and looked, you’d notice that “n/a” started the whole insults thing (and started the whole thing in general). So, yes, I can talk… and talk I will. :)

So, if it weren’t for n/a, you, MrTRanCeEviL, animeisanime, etc. trying to “correct” others with your *incorrect* personal truth, the monster that is me would never have been spawned to shove the facts back in your face. You only have yourself (and n/a) to blame.

Thankfully, I have no shame. :D

Then I shall dedicate this comment page to you. Cheers! :)

Do you understand the irony of you calling others incorrect when the actual definitions of words prove otherwise?

First, “animated cartoon” is one the definitions of “cartoon”—which you’d know if you actually read the links I posted. Secondly, again you’d know this if you actually read those links, an “animated cartoon” is “a movie made using characters and images that are invented and drawn” or “a motion picture that is made from a series of drawings, computer graphics, or photographs of inanimate objects (as puppets) and that simulates movement by slight progressive changes in each frame” or “A motion picture or television film consisting of a photographed series of drawings, objects, or computer graphics that simulates motion by recording very slight, continuous changes in the images, frame by frame”. Wow, sound likes the Lion King certainly does fit the definition of an “animated cartoon” (which is also a definition of “cartoon”). Heck, sounds like Railgun (or anime of your choice) fits the bill of “animated cartoon” as well.

And secondly, if you actually looked of the definition of “cartoon”, you’d know that it has a far broader definition than the word “anime” (in either the English sense or the original Japanese sense) as “cartoon” also covers still media like comic books/manga while “anime” only covers animated cartoons.

Note the word “usually” in that definition—it denotes non-exclusiveness. Also note that the definition of “animated cartoon” also means “a movie made using characters and images that are invented and drawn” or “a motion picture that is made from a series of drawings, computer graphics, or photographs of inanimate objects (as puppets) and that simulates movement by slight progressive changes in each frame” or “A motion picture or television film consisting of a photographed series of drawings, objects, or computer graphics that simulates motion by recording very slight, continuous changes in the images, frame by frame”.

Who indeed? Perhaps a person with enough literacy to read and comprehend a dictionary would. Not that you seem to fall into that category.


Well that’s it for this installment. Keep it comin’, though—Azzy needs his amusement at the expense of the ignorant and self-delusional.

Queue up the Sex Pistols… “No future, no future, no future for you!”
Lucid_YumeNice Azzy!! ...not that I necessarily agree, but coming to Mazui just to see a huge wall of text(with someone actually writing something interesting) was quite an experience. From what I take of this discussion, cartoons are a broad category that can be used to describe many mediums, while anime is more a specific genre. (However, whenever a person calls anime a cartoon, it still rubs me the wrong way.)
EdwardDFMAthis is some bullshit, lolz why waste like 20minutes of your life typing just a big'ol wall of txt when you can be watching these so called cartoons/anime"? and I if this "thread/topic/comment" gets to 200 entries then ima be astonished that people actually tried discussing something when in the next railgun ep(20) there is gonna be a whole new topic D: then you guys rant off again -_-
MrTRanCeEviL@Azzy(Sensei) I will pass.. Maybe I wrong.. I don't want to say anything about anime or cartoon again.. Must important that I enjoy the show from the anime fansub(Mazui).. Sorry if I am wrong.. I put link because I do not want to discuss this matter in mazui post. I just want you to know it..

@Mazui Railgun special please~
thewizardninjaYou know that's a goal right there, getting this page to 200 comments before the next episode XD
Lucid_YumeThen why not spam? The 187 comments previous appear to have done little for either party, but over 200 comments would be quite the combined achievement!
Let's start another flame war! What is the most controversial, touchy subject.... religion... politics...
DarkMaverickO_O*looks at the number of post* ughh, Bankai! Daiguren Hyourinmaru!!!
MrTRanCeEviL@Lucid_Yume Don't do that.. No more Flame..
GeRo~ (>。<)~
AnonHow about a negro president who doesn't know what to do with the current recession? FLAME ON!
Cabasho@Azzy: "I am perfectly fine with people having their own personal truth on matters like this… Up until, however, they flip out and try to “correct” others who do not share their “personal truth” when their “personal truth” is at odds with the *facts*" i could say exactly the same back to you, dont try to put your "personal truth" as a fact, since i think u r mistaken as much as u think i'm mistaken, so lets just not argue bout something we cant agree, i'm not saying i'm the right one, but i clearly dont belive u r the correct one ^^
Red@Azzy, :D
lvl80Troll_Priest@ Azzy
"...other English speakers to use "anime" to refer to cartoons in general."
you're an idiot face it.
For someone who is supposedly 30 odd you sure have alot of time to prattle on and on. Fail less plz.
anonymous...But you know what's worse than calling a cartoon anime?
Those fansites that label the whole thing anime (manga too). You know, those "'Sites for anime fans", it just makes the whole thing seem so commercialized,although I'm probably alone in thinking that. I'd rather they called it a site for Otaku than that. Someone should really come up with a word for both; amanga?
NuubyAnime+manga=Animanga duh o=
deno4144I've read this somewhere but I forgot. It wrote, "Anime: Saying this cartoon you'll suffer the consenquences." Anyway, I forgot to say this, but I think... I THINK... Uiharu's flower is natural! XD Even she don't realize she's wearing it! XDDD
Azem4144Today's the release... of THE NEW OP SONG, LEVEL5 -JUDGELIGHT-!!!!!!! AND I JUST FINISH DOWNLOADING IT... and the result of my likeness to it is... VERY ACCEL-ENT!!!!! I like all the musics in it, including Memory of Snow. XD
dualinlinewhy did Uiharu didn't realize she's wearing flowers on her head?
Ulrezaj200th comment stolen.
MrTRanCeEviLHu~ hu~ Ok~
Ulrezaj Are you know anything about Railgun Special?
I’m sorry it rubs *you* the wrong way. “Cartoon” is such a maligned word, and it really shouldn’t be—there’s been a lot of great art that have been cartoons and I’m sure that there’ll be more to come.

I generally do this between trying to accomplish other things like checking my bank account, email, reading webcomics, checking forums, cooking, and such. Besides, this has become a source of some amusement.

No worries, you’re okay in my book. :)

See, there’s these little things called dictionaries that make the definition I choose to use more than just “personal truth”, in fact it makes it, well… fact. Whether you choose to agree with the facts is all you, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are, indeed, facts.

Oh noes, some ignorant twat on the internet called me an idiot (even though he displays serious signs of idiocy and incoherency himself)… Whatever shall I do?

I suppose the 10 or so minutes that it takes for me to compose a post seems like a long time to someone that has an attention span of a gnat.

The have, it’s called “cartoon”. Those in this case, since we’re referring only to anime and manga, it would be best to preface it with “Japanese”. Though “animanga” is fairly common parlance, too. ;)

I think the consequence is that weeaboos will whine at you with full of sound and fury signifying nothing.


Anyone else have the misfortune to watch Sleeping with Hinako? I had no idea what it was going in—I had wrongly assumed that it would be some sort of mindless comedy. It’s kinda sad and creepy all rolled into one.
The Railgun special is weird and surreal. It has absolutely no bearing on the story and is more like a series of outakes and reused scenes that are slightly changed and given new, usually bizarre dialogue.

It's kinda funny in spots, but if you don't see it you're not really missing much.
Cabasho@Azzy: sorry, i didnt realized that there was a whole study in the definition of japanesse words from the english language point of view

now, telling facts, if u go to a japanesse english (or japanesse spanish in my case) dictionary, you will see that the definition of anime is the same if you check a english english (or english spanish in my case again) of cartoon, since both in its origins are the same, so if u wanna use the definition as your weapon, both are just the same thing in diferent languages, anime, cartoon, dibujo animado, etc

now if u go to the popular use, both are pretty much unrelated, having the animation part as one of their few common points, meaning that cartoon has a popular use of occidental animations and anime as japanesse (or some times oriental in general) animations

so, i could keep arguing with you, but the truth is, that doesnt matter if i show u a hundred dictionaries in diferent languages, u will not belive me, and doesnt matter how much you push YOUR logic into me, i wont agree either, so just, stop pushing your belives into other people

ATT: a fanatic of languages (4 languages and growing ^^)
Lucid_YumeOh, I've enjoyed some cartoons... I don't have anything against them. It's just that anime is ment to be refrenced differently, as a genre.
Dauntae205 comments...(206 if I were to count mine) were made...I'll be damned. It's too much of a hassle to read all of those comments, but due to my boredom and curiosity, I might as well take the time to read every comment when I go the meeting. Least it'll be interesting to see what the fuss is about.
Lucid_YumePlease do not waste your time with reading the comments... most of it is either worthless or repetitive...
Dauntae(Too Long; Didn't Read) [Most of them anyways..]
Excuse me for double posting; however...
The organization, the Tactical Instigation Team of Specialists (T.I.T.S.) hired me to enlist as a "keyboard warrior" to further instigate and disparage this controversial argument.
I believe in meritocracy and not those who are concupiscent in a illogical sense. To make this convoluted of "clashing opinions" ephemeral, allow me to make a short notion regarding this:
Some of you guys are quite oblivious to the "facts" some people pointed out towards you. You know who you are.
DauntaeYou're right, most of them were rather repetive.

Also, just to add more oil to the flame, I believe that the word anime can be expressed in such that it's a genre or referenced differently than cartoons rather, however, I still think it's derived from cartoons.
njamunkyWebster-Mirriam Disctionary:

1 : a preparatory design, drawing, or painting (as for a fresco)
2 a : a drawing intended as satire, caricature, or humor b : comic strip


: a style of animation originating in Japan that is characterized by stark colorful graphics depicting vibrant characters in action-filled plots often with fantastic or futuristic themes

difference? cartoons, by design, are simple, little drawings or animation.

Anime is serious business =p
TothWow... This looks fun!
O.ois it me, or are the comments increasing?
LOL, I'm just saying what I read, but I'm agree that cartoon is different than Anime. Because cartoons sucks and Anime wins. Cartoons doesn't have a thing called 'Moe' but Anime does. Some cartoons' illustration based on realistic, but just a few Anime do that. Cartoons is originally named by... English as it's might be from 'toon' and Anime is originally named by Japanese as it's from the word 'animation'. Most Anime are aired based on eroge, or Manga, or visual novel or light novel, but most cartoons are aired by themselves. Anime in books are called Manga as while cartoons' are comics. Cartoons' makers don't call cartoons as 'Anime' and Anime's makers don't call Anime as 'cartoons'. A LOL info: Anime have fans called Otaku which they have a sacred place for themselves to spend their interest called Akihabara. Conclusion: They're pretty different.

And To Aru Kagaku no Railgun ('A Certain Scientific Railgun' if you can't understand a part of the name) is amusing as it's funny and has a great sci-fi story, which also not most of any story do, a side-story of it's original Anime, To Aru Majutsu no Index ('A Certain Magical Index' if you want to read it in English).

About the consenquences, hmm... I heard they'll make every people forget about you, LOL, even though it's impossible. XD
mosheeWhy so much butthurt? If people want to call it anime, go ahead. If people want to call them cartoons, that's fine too. No need to write an essay about it.
I’m not entirely sure what you’re on about, but the majority of this discussion is about the English definition of the word “cartoon” and how that which is referred to as “anime” (by either the original Japanese definition of “animated cartoons”, or in the sense that the word as it has been borrowed into English to denote animated cartoons of Japanese origin) also falls under its rather broad definition.

Also, I’m not pushing “beliefs”, I’m pushing facts—in the form of dictionary definitions. If you can’t accept the facts, that’s your own problem and I don’t care. However your beliefs don’t and never will change facts: anime are anime, but anime are also cartoons.

I’m also not sure why you seem to think that “a hundred dictionaries in different languages” would have any bearing to a discussion—in English—about English words and Japanese loan-words *into* English. The only relevant dictionaries would be English dictionaries (several of which have already been cited) and, perhaps, Japanese dictionaries to show the etymological origin of the loan-words themselves.

Well, anime is a genre of cartoons, so it’s simply a matter of specificity rather than differentiation.

I heart you. :)

It is! :D

Ah, cheeky irony from the person that originally called Railgun and got the weeaboos crying in the first place.

(For those taking Njamunky seriously, look at the 3rd, not quoted, definition of the word “cartoon” at Merriam-Webster.)

*sigh* Actually, cartoons do have things like “moe”, etc. because anime *are* cartoons (see the definition of “cartoon”, the links have been post).

BTW, while many Western anime fans choose to self-identify as “otaku”, most Japanese anime fans *don’t *—as “otaku” is a bit of a pejorative. Also, while the word “otaku” was applied solely to anime fans (due to fans of Super-Dimensional Fortress Macross), “otaku” is also applied to *extreme* fans of other things as well.


Well, not much longer ‘til the next episode of Railgun. Will it be story or just more filler this time?
nikolai131@Azzy: Just buy all d bvolumes of Anime encyclopedia and LEARN what Anime is u faggot ...

About Railgun: Episode 20 is FILLER and 21 seems to be filler aswell ... Hmm At last they should do d Accelerator/Last Order Arc ... Tired of these fillers >.
deno4144If Anime is cartoon and cartoon is Anime, why English people don't say Anime as 'cartoon' or why Japanese don't say cartoon as 'Anime'?
Azem4144I guess they don't add the Sister Project's arc because it has the bad ending? (Before Touma knew about it.)
nikolai131I just want to see Mugino in the Anime T_T But I guess that won't happen >.
Oh no, little Nicky called me a bundle of wood (and he probably doesn’t get that comment)!! Man he really told me, I think I’m going to cry in a corner… or not.

Instead I’m just going to make fun of you for how much of an ignorant tool you are and show you how to write an insulting post with style and flair. (Warning: If you’re the type that can’t handle it and actually get your feelings hurt from insults from random people on the internet then you should stop reading now.)

First, let’s talk about faggotry… In fact, I bet *you’re* the one that’s hard up for the cock. However, you’re just too chicken-shit to admit it and so you project your desire for hot, savory man-love onto others by using epithets for homosexuality as an insult. Be honest with yourself—you’re the one who wants to guzzle some cum. You know it, I know it, and now every one reading this does too. Just accept it, you’ll be happier that you did.

Second, considering that the accepted definitions of the words “cartoon” and “anime” in various English dictionaries support my position, I think I’ve got a fair grasp on what “anime” is. It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve been watching anime (probably) longer than you’ve been alive. You, on the other hand, don’t have even the slightest grasp as to what a “cartoon” is and why anime are also cartoons *even after I’ve posted links to several dictionary definitions of the word*. You just refuse to accept the facts that have been pointed out to you because you desperately want to feel superior to others over something that, in the end, is fucking inconsequential. Hell, you can’t even come up with a valid argument, so instead your post amounts to a “nuh-uh, because I said” rebuttal spouted by a five year-old with some lame attempts at being insulting patched on. Congratulations for being an ignorant douche—you even fail at writing an insulting post. Do the world a favor and don’t breed… that’ll be your biggest contribution to humanity.


Wow, see how utterly pointless the petty insults were—they didn’t further my argument at all (though my argument doesn’t need any furthering as it stands on facts and hasn’t been successfully rebutted) just as they didn’t help yours either. Now, if you’d like to start afresh and actually try to come up with a valid argument (or concede the point failing the availability of a valid argument) without being a douche, I’d be more than happy to scale back on my vitriol.

At least that was cathartic. :D

Well, some English-speakers *do* call anime cartoons, and the ones that don’t (and aren’t trying to be pretentious weeaboos about it) use the word anime to specify cartoons that are of Japanese origin as opposed to cartoons of any other variety. Japanese don’t call anime cartoons because “cartoon” is an English word and in Japanese “anime” simply means “animated cartoon”. That’s the long and short of it.
DauntaeYou know, it's times like these, I'm seriously glad I have a vast vocabulary knowledge and transcend in comprehension. I'm not one to choose sides, in fact, I love to be the "one against the whole army" type of thing and stick with what I believe in, however...

Putting facts and illogical views aside, did anyone else thought that Azzy's frivolous attempt to insult nikolai131 was successfully frolicsome? It was magnificently done! Seriously, someone had to give this guy some credit. It's been quite a while since I had this sort of entertainment. You sir, are my hero. With your jocular remarks, you make this argument worth reading, or insults I should say. I haven't met a capricious character of your caliber for a long while now.

Now, to be on the medial side of the controversial subject...
Being fair, regardless what has been spoken now, I believe that, again, while the word "anime" can be referenced to something different or be considered as a genre, it still is derived from cartoons. Fact is, when people say anime, it's being revered to as shows coming from a foreign country (Japan)
if you look at it English's language perspective view of it. It also implies that the variations are different from that of Western cartoons. Vice versa from their perspective as well.
That Man@Azzy

Azure_Shockwave^This made me laugh.

And with this "anime" and "cartoon" discussion, you people do understand that you won't reach an agreement with each other don't you? These two words are different to each person because of their interpretation.

My interpretation is that:
1) Anime is a cartoon that originates from Japan.
2) A cartoon is obviously what we know as a drawn animation.
---So more a less "cartoon" is a more broad word, while "Anime" is a specific type of cartoon.

But in the end, its you're interpretation not mine.
Midgemage^^^^^ Muuuust... RESIST!

*Fails will saving throw*

Your, not you're.
Grammar101lol @ Midermage
TenryoRAWRORZ!! Back after so long, and all you fools are fighting over nothing. Let people believe what they want. The pissing contest ends here.

Changing subject: MisakaxTouma WOOOOOOO~!

Changing subject...again: Please fix the XviD link...broken isn't the word for it's current state...
D_Freak@Azzy: u say facts *can't stop laughing* As of what I read, the only thing u are right is about "otaku" ... Hmmm u say ppl in Japan don't call it Anime = LIE ... Hmm just how did it turn out for u talking about dictionaries when nikolai131 told u to read the Anime ENCYCLOPEDIA ... The mor eu stragle, the more ppl will laugh at u. U are probably new to d Anime world and u've watched quite a little shows and still can't figure out the difference (that's what I THINK, sorry if I am mistaken). And ... why are u waisting so much time writing all this pointless stuff here LMAO
anonymouslong-winded insults are hardly hurting anyone, tbh from that post Azzy it would seem you like the bum-fun; so nikolai131 got you gooood. I bet you were salivating whilst writing that didn't you :D Don't lie now

" Japanese “anime” simply means “animated cartoon”.
WRONG, it simply means "animation", so that includes CGI. So where do you get the cartoon part? Your ass?
FreyjadourHmm... This is... a wow? Okay, I can't stand this anymore.
note to the next posters: reading this 'debate' above is worthless and useless because people's beliefs won't change because of some texts or rather, many counter-posts will be posting/spam! each people have their own beliefs and that will never change until themselves accept it! whether anime is cartoon or cartoon is anime, who cares! the only thing you should care is believe what you believe. also, you guys are posting on the wrong place! apologize mazui subs! the comments should contains about the anime and anything related to the episode-- [mazuisubs] to aru kagaku no railgun!!!

--edited: less caps plox
Freyjadour...EPISODE 19!
MrTRanCeEviL@ Freyjadour I agree with you. Finally there is also someone who can finish what I want to tell everyone before this post. Mazui sorry for double post .. Er .. Many post .. He he ..
Gero Gero ~ ~ (^_^)~
@That Man
Takes a bow.


Oh? When did I say people in Japan don’t call anime “anime”? I don’t recall doing that at all, so maybe you just need to brush up on your reading comprehension.

Dictionaries are an authoritative source on the English language, and have been cited to show the *fact* that the definition of the word “cartoon” includes that which falls under the category of “anime” (no one has successfully countered that, either). As for this “Anime Encyclopedia”, if you value it so highly why not quote some relevant passages from it? It seems from the Wikipedia entry on it, though, that this “encyclopedia” is more a review of different anime series than an actual encyclopedia.

As for, “The mor eu stragle, the more ppl will laugh at u.” The more you fail to write coherently, the more people will laugh at you for being an ignorant twit. [points and laughs at D_Freak]

As for thinking I’m new to anime, as I’ve shown from my earlier posts I’ve been watching anime in one form or another for over 30 years—growing up with titles like Kimba the White Lion [Jungle Emperor], Speed Racer [Mach Go! Go! Go!], Battle of the Planets [Science Ninja Team Gatchaman], Voltron [Beast King Go-Lion/Armored Fleet Dairugger 15] and Robotech [Super-Dimensional Fortress Macross/Super-Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross/Genesis Climber Mospeada] and then moving on to less butchered titles like Macross Plus, Bubblegum Crisis/Bubblegum Crash, Ninja Scroll, Demon City Shinjuku, (various) Gundam, etc. ad nauseum. Before the rise of the internet, we had to rely on those few companies that licensed anime and offer really awful dubs (and charged more for subtitles) or get fansubs from conventions (if there were any within driving distance). The idea of being able to keep up with an anime series and watch an episode within months (let alone days or even hours) after it aired in Japan was a fantasy. Hooray for the internet, I tell you.

No shit, really? Read the last paragraph of my previous post and stop making your parents wish they had an abortion.

Oh, yeah, because if I like the “bum-fun”, as you quaintly put it, I would be soooo insulted by being called a faggot. Because that makes sense. [Rolls eyes]

No, if I was insulted at all by nikolai131’s post, it was because his attempt at trying to be insulting was purely pathetic and I deserve so much better than that… Like I said, if your going to be insulting, do so with style or don’t do it at all. And, yes, I was salivating while I wrote that, but not for the reasons you think—it’s because my own moxy and eloquence turns me on.

Well, according to the Merriam-Webster and American Heritage dictionaries, “animated cartoon” also includes computer animation, so my original statement still stands.

BTW, you sure do like to talk about asses, don’t you? I’m just saying.

This all started because someone (n/a) had a hissy-fit over someone else (njamunky) calling Railgun a cartoon and went on to try to “correct”, insult and make himself look superior to njamunky. So, annoyed by the pretentious, ignorant weeaboo, I decided to point out that he is technically incorrect (as anime *does* fall under the definition of cartoon). From there, a lot of ignorant people have tried to tell me I’m wrong despite the fact that I have shown them proof to the contrary. I’m not trying to get anyone to *call* anime cartoons, I’m just pointing out the reality that anime *are* cartoons (and insulting some of the more offensive ones in the process). All in all, I’m having fun. :)


Well, I’m looking forward to episode 20. :)
Anon523@Azzy you're a faggot for taking anything on the internet seriously, you got trolled so hard! lulululululul
AzzyStill going ON Lmao ...

Why don't we talk about ou full of fillers Anime show???
EdwardDFMAI hope there is less than 150 comments on the next release post -_-
Midgemage^^^I, for one, hope for 300+.
GodI don't know why you're complaining. No one is asking you to read all this. I'm for one am with Midgermage.

I root for my heroes. (Daunte & Azz)
bakayarou300+ comments for a fansubbed anime is a new frontier of achievement for the human race.

all this started when a certain otaku said this show is a cartoon and misaka holds the violin in a wrong way. it then somehow snowballed to a 'cartoon vs anime' argument.

lets start a 'mecha vs robot' discussion so that future generation of mankind can benefit from us.
EdwardDFMAactually I didnt even read this, all I saw were cartoons and anime comparison n shit so I was like ehh I guess they're making a big deal outa this and honestly the comment I posted above this one was only due to the fact that I saw 238 comments atm(now 239 w/ this1)
Snake"actually I didnt even read this"
"all I saw were cartoons and anime comparison n shit"

And thats without reading it? impressive
Quote: Snake""actually I didnt even read this"
"all I saw were cartoons and anime comparison n shit"

And thats without reading it? impressive"

Hmmm, to see words. Then to not read them. And without reading them, knowing excatly what was written? That is either impressive, or a very lame power. I think I want Biri-Biris Railgun instead.

EdwardDFMA, are you some kind of physic who can look at a wall of words, and then without reading them know excatly what was written?

That's such, a stupid power, I guess you never had to learn how to read, what with being able to just loook at them and know what they mean. Who needs comprehension when you can just know whats its saying. So Edward what does your secret power say about what I wrote?

Note your not allowed to read what I wrote, you must just look at the words and know I wrote this question to you without reading it. That is your lame power afterall right?
anonymousWow you fucktards are still going at it?
MidgemageWe're just waiting for this week's railgun.

Just this one filler, and then at last a plot arc! (I hope)
Azure_ShockwaveLOL, that's embarrassing, "your" and "you're" always get me. :P

Where is it today? Hmm.. guess it's late today.
lololololololololno plot arc for all fucktard !! :)
anonymousI think Azzy is butthurt
Midgemage^^^ Wait, you lost me. Where'd that one come out of?

I thought we were posting more comments so I can steal- *cough*

I mean, we were all making up like nice friends! Yep yep.

And you're still reading or caring about this?

@Quote: Snake
SamdidliamboWow. Internet backdraft much? I'm sorry I was even a part of this.

Azem4144You're just... gonna accept the continuation if you're really a fan of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, since you marked this one as "Gonna watch" list, and I think you should add "and accept what will happen."
MidgemageDAMNIT! I missed the 250.

Oh well.
anonymousYou also missed 253!!!! ha ha ha!!!!
DauntaeHappens to the best of us.
RedHot damn, who knew this would last for so long?
IvanTheChemistNiki,molq te ostavi decata da si biqt glavata v stenata. Taka i taka sa idioti :D
anonymousThat's real cool of you.
AzzyAnime are cartoons by the very definition of the word "cartoon".

Suzumiya is a coprophagous pedophile with an IQ that is easily surpassed by a lobotomized, inbred platypus.
Bitch, please. If anyone’s doing the trolling, it’s me. So do everyone a favor and shut your hole, you genetic dead end.

WTF?!? Have I been cloned? The internet’s not big enough for both our egos, so there’s only one way to settle this, Azzy… We fight mano-a-mano, Roman gladiatorial style to the death.

Hey, let’s smites some bitches.

[…I *knew* God loves me…]

We *could* do that… But who would argue that “mecha” doesn’t include robots as well as other things (like tanks and fighters, etc.)?

@Quote: Snake
No, I think that’s a kick-ass ability. If I could know the entire contents of a block of text just by idly glancing at it, I’d fast-tack my way to my physics doctorate just by flipping through my textbooks.


[yawn] At least put some effort into it.

"Well, son, a funny thing about regret is, that it's always better to regret something you have done, than to regret something you haven't done. And by the way, if you see your mom this weekend, be sure and tell her 'Satan! Satan! Satan!'" — Sweet Loaf

Um, which language is that? Serbian?
mosheeWow, Azzy. Did you really have to do that? Why can't we all just shut up and enjoy our animated Japanese TV shows?
Guess the consenquences were making him to never shut up about sma-- tin-- micro things. Enjoyed watching this, thanks Mazui Subs.
lolfishAzzy claims that bus = car. Even though they both are vehicles, a bus is not a car.

Anime and cartoon are both animation, but that does not mean anime = cartoon.

Therefore: ANIME =/= CARTOON

btw cartoons sux
MargaanI am completely mystified as to how much of this is trolling, and how much of it is people being successfully trolled. I think we have entered the realm of the Meta-Troll.
Musselsanime and cartoons are only considered different, because in america cartoons are deemed childish and not suited for adults - and are thus butched to only amuse 5 year olds. (avatar excluded)

Anyway: i'm asking about hte V2 because i have very limited bandwidth, and i cant afford to download both. I'd rather get the better quality version than the low one, in this situation.
Yes, yes I did. The power of Christ compels me. ;)

Wrongo, dude, I'm claiming that bus = vehicle.

Cartoons encompass animation of all sorts as well as non-animated drawn media like caricatures, comic books/manga, etc. See:


American Heritage (and others):



(Ah, the wonders of copy % paste.)

Thus: Anime = Cartoons

BTW, vampires sux.
FreyjadourI'm pretty disappointed you guys never shut up about this. I hope you guys continue this until you're very, very old until you realize how posting these is the most useless and worthless thing in your life. Really, I support you guys until you're very old. Well then, GOOD LUCK.
Syzly_88All animes are cartoons but not all cartoons are anime.. Simple as that. End of story.
Hey Azzy dont bring Christ into, you might get someone mad...
BiolitAnime might fall under "animated cartoon"s literal terms but anime is not cartoons. Anime is strictly Japanese animation and considering that we are dealing with Japanese animation here that means its anime and not cartoons.
GodNo, he has my permission to bring Christ into this.


I'm pretty disappointed in you...

"I'm pretty disappointed you guys never shut up about this."
- If you're so "disappointed" in this, then why bother to keep reading our comments and caring? I'm pretty sure I could care less about your opinions.
-I don't find it pointless, I find it fun to enforce knowledge of this who are ignorant in simple terminology as these two words.

Let the Flame Wars continue!

P.S. Ulrezaj is my hero for stealing the 200th comment.

"War never changes."
FreyjadourLike I said, it's pointless because you will never, EVER can't change the opponents' opinion. And the damn war continues.
MrTRanCeEviLHuuhhhh... Me?.. No comment!!..
Kenta4283I was just wondering if anyone knows when this is gonna be over. I like the show and all but I'm mostly just watching it for the rare occasions Toma shows up to interact with Misaka. I'm pretty much just waiting for the second season of Toaru Majutsu no Index to start if there is going to be one.
bt37I don't think there's any word on Index season 2 so far, but with plenty of material from the light novels still to cover surely there will be one sooner or later. I guess we'll find out after Railgun finishes...
ningen shuashyWow.. Are we trying to beat menclave's thread with 1,833 comments? This war will drive people nuts and try to spam spam spam and die so cut it out.

I love Mazui ( ´・‿-) ~ ♥
EnkindlerI'm pretty sure most people got that and stated that much, human shuashy.
Bob_Hollyerwow 277 comments and all we learn is that Suzumiya needs to get laid
RedI dunno why people are making fun of those who involve themself in this argument. I support all those who are part of this heated discussion! Keep it coming.
DauntaeThat's the spirit Red!
Let's make it to 300+ people!
Oscar Mikedunno what you guys are on about but Ill help you get to 300 with this post....


Only 18 more!

My cat's breath smells like cat food.

Alright lets make it to 300, lets make history @ Mazui! xD

Might as well have some fun while waiting for the next episode.

Midgemage#Last number+1

My gamefaqs isn't working. Silly gamefags.
mosheeNumber "Twelve Squared Times Two"

We're approaching 300....

Come on, people!
291Number 291 here!

Don't force me to make multiple comments in a row, people.
You people forced me to make multiple comments in a row.
ningen shuashy#294?

I love you guys.. XD
BlackCan you ask tell need to helping to got the explained these someone still only doesn't it gonna problem kidnapped is this link to 'Ayako Fansubs'. Following to discription.

Okey? For yesterday, evening and night has got the missing link episode is #19 of 'xvid' & 'h264' both.

4 more!

4 more!
MrLady@(& + ! = @(*

Check Caps lock Button.
KumaCurryLol for counting.. Nothing can be change..
[(Anime)²≠(Cartoon)²] = ?
? = [Spinning your head]¾
UlrezajWhat, you think I wouldn't do this?
It keeps going and going and going and going and going.............
You people forced me to make multiple comments in a row. (

That was supposed to be a quote. I don't know what the hell happened.

That was supposed to be a quote also. I don't know what the hell happened. I must be stupid.
RedAbove is an imposter and not the real Red. The real Red is amazing, not stupid, like me.
Red^ So, Ash, would you mind giving everyone here a motto on how to win a Gym Battle?
A motto, huh? Let me see...
RedIs the imposter talking to him/herself?

Lol @ Ash. Red is short for a longer name I use on the internet.
RedI is suffering from a personality disorder, me thinks. Me dumb, and Red is a stupid head. Opps
I are Red. I choose you pikachu.
mosheeDamn, I missed the 300th post...
RedSee, the real Red would never use terrible grammar like that. Good day.
RedOf course, me usses terrible grammar like that. I are Red. Have good day Red.
MrTRanCeEviLHu hu~ My 300th post.. It stolen again.. Ghu hu hu~
Which is why it was still continuing kept bothering me, which is why don't you understand this kind of logic. Oh well, seems spamming keeps going which is better than the flame of jelo- war. LOL
He has a point Dauntee, then again, his grammar is kind of skewered so...



L . O . L. !
I love how you interact with your fans and steal the spotlight at crucial moments!
It's kind of hard to understand your logic when you can't even put a sentence together properly...
RedGotta write this down!
LOL, typo. I meant, "You guys was still arguing about the type-thingy-animation, which is why it kept bothering until I knew that you guys don't do it again. Spamming wins, debate loses."
RedA-holes are stealing my name.
RedI find the culprit stealing me name. It waz Red!!!!! The Evil Monster living within mine pokeball!
WhatJapan is better than America. America is a country, therefore Japan is not a country.