To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 20

Busy day for the team... due to time zone issues, we're releasing with the share raw instead of our own for now. The v2 with our raw will come tomorrow.

On a totally different note, we're looking for a timer to help out next season on (probably) 2 series. The basic expectation is to have the episode timed within a couple hours after the TL is handed to them, which is usually a couple hours after the episode airs. A qualified timer knows about lead-in, lead-out, and how timing relates to basic encoding concepts like keyframes and scene changes. TS skills are a plus. If you're interested and think you're ready for the unpaid but rewarding pressure of working in a speedsubbing group, contact any of the ops in our irc channel. Yes, if you don't know how to use irc, you're not qualified.

Here's the much delayed v2. Note that you really only need this if your computer can't handle the VFR in the v1, as there are zero script changes. And here's the XviD.

Oh, and keep the anime/cartoon discussion to the other thread please. I've moved relevant posts there.

scenery for a change

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InvisiblemooseThanks! :D
Click ThisGreat job!
anonymousHopefully this one stays below 250 comments.
X3OYanime is cartoons
MrTRanCeEviLThank Yiu.. Ops You.. Thank you..
Gero Gero~ (^_^)..
rovewaw..its released...^_^
Thank you very much....
MidgemageWoot Mazui!

*Mentions something about manga and comics*

GOGO 300+!
holy_Waiting for v2.
thewizardninjaPLEASE MORE FLAME!!!
thewizardninjaPLEASE MORE FLAME!!!
bt37also waiting for v2.
thanks Mazui!
Click Thisnty
SuzumiyaAnime =/= Cartoons!

Azzy is an idiot.

See you all next week ^^
SamdidliamboPlease, please, please, do not continue the flame war on this comment page, for the love of all that is good and holy. Please.
♥♥♥♥♥I'm an experinced Timer, worked in another fansub group. But actully I had to "leave/go inactive" since life and college made me too busy. So I can't help you sorrwy. I will continue to enjoy your releases as always though.

I know from experince, fansubbing drains away your life force. Zelda Ocarinia of Time has been doing that enough to me lately.....

Have ♥♥♥♥♥ on me.
DauntaeIf you don't want any "flame wars", don't mention it nor insult / say illogical statements.
Sir BonBut flames wars are awesome. If you got chocolate, mallows and graham crackers, you can make smores with it!
fucktardall also stoopid and fucktards !!!```~~~!!!
♥♥♥♥♥Oh no, it's poe the poltergeist.... Dont worry I got a arrow and a jar!
Whats that!!!!!
It's either an earthquake or a Goron rollinng down death moutain.
No wait is an esper causing earthquake utilizing Aim diffusion fields... Since when did poe the poltergeist get so high and mighty....

Let me tell you a secret.
"Digdogger hates certain kind of sound."
tsukimorixvid? later? please!
Someone ElseHoping for a crunchy delicious sweet cookie I mean Xvid here
nikolai131Cheers Mazui ^^
pvtxvid soon plzzz
kupiThx a lot!
ranmachuaYay! Hope the Xvid version comes out soon
mosheeHooray, thanks Mazui for another episode!
MyoukochouThanks very much! Yay plottage!

…was that a certain someone I caught a glimpse of at the end there? The plot returns, and thickens (again)!
WentilIt's great to see that character development and the lurking plot are taking such ascendance over the character's respective powers (or lack of). It's refreshing!
EvstKeep the good work ^^
Tnanks for subbing and xvid.
mosheeAwesome, plot! I'm looking forward to your next release, Mazui! Thanks again!
azem4144At last my advice has been taken on the ED. Good work! This is the final arc of the Anime, eh? It's related to experiment before-- oi! Don't start debating again!
Papa GeorgioMany thanks as always.
HothFramerate is three times normal and subs get out of sync w/ video. :(
DarkMaverickFor a sec I thought the pink mech was Uiharu's powers >_>
LupeDoes any realize who the new character is? If you look closely at the end and remember about the "experiment" you'll know. I think azem4144 knows what I am talking about.
johnny gilbertthanks dued
meekWhens v2 going to coming out? O.o
wtfwthlolV2 is not out yet right ?
mosheeYeah somehow I get a feeling I've seen that new character before.

No flamewar, I'm impressed :P
MrTRanCeEviLAeeh.. Railgun Special is B.A.D.. Bad dream..
Who create that show?
Hu hu~

I waiting for Railgun 20v2..
GeRo~ Gero~ (^_^)~
Musselsany ETA on V2?
azem4144@Lupe: Gonna spoil a bit; re-watch episode 17 and you'll know how is she related to the "experiment".
LBacking up what Mussels asked,
Any ETA for the v2?
CooperL, what's so terribly wrong with v1 that you lot keep asking about v2?
Hirvine@Cooper it's probably not v1 is bad, but when you do promise the next day you expect to find it the next day. Obvious I don't complain, don't get me wrong. Mazui is awesome :). But still if you decided to watch the next day and have to wait you can get those questions.
CherryHawkalso @cooper some people such as myself like to archive the fantastic work these guys do, and it might bother us a little if the quality in our archive was inconsistent. We must have the final versions of all the free candy!
AzzyThank you all at Mazui for providing the community with an excellent sub of this cartoon. :)
LThere is probably nothing wrong with the v1 (haven't downloaded it) but when it said v2 will come next day I was sort of expecting that so I decided to wait.
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9 words, yes.

Good bye.
lakeThank you Mazui, great work.

@Suzumiya, are you still flaming away here about that which you can not control? Come off it girl, you're not ever going to win, Haruhi
CooperCherryHawk, I understand, I'm also archiving Mazui releases, but when v1 is almost perfectly watchable, it doesn't really matter when the final version for archiving purposes is released - day, two or a week later.
SmartAleck@Wall of text, not!

I hate to be the one to point this out buddy, but you actually used 8 words.
9 = Number (Not word nor letter)
AngelusGuess my computer had problems playing the first twenty seconds after the opening, though it played flawlessly on vlc player. Guess its a good idea to have more than one player any recommendations on any other players?
Reizo@Angelus Don't use VLC, it lowers the quality. It's best to use Media Player Classic and install CCCP. Also if your computer can't handle some videos such as 1080p, install coreAVC, which will make HD videos play like a breeze. (Another hint is to press O while MPC is open and go to Playback/Output and put it to EVR9 [Vista/.net3])
If you follow Reizo's (excellent) suggestion and decide to use CCCP with CoreAVC, follow the instructions here:
V2.. Thanks..
EdedoI recommend the K-lite Codec Pack. I plays everything, is updated regulary, and is always packed with the latest Media Player Classic. And after the setup you don't "need" to configure a single thing.
MagusVLC's main problem is that it focibly syncs the video to the audio, which can be helpful in some cases... but usually isn't.
With the more recent versions of cccp, the default renderer is evr, so you don't really need anything else. I haven't bothered with coreavc in quite a while.
Not a wall of text, I think!@Angelus

I'm well aware that nine was a number, I'm also aware that your post, which was envitably coming, was indeed coming, if not from you than somone as arrogant as you.

That said, it was very funny to see somone actully point that out that error.

I warn should you respond to this, I might very well already have a response ready for you, as this is actully quite entertaining Angelus...

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Anon... in a sense.... What is this.
Dick Shonrithis = a pronoun that refers to a person, thing, or idea that is present or near in place, time, or thought or that has just been mentioned. Plural form is these...
mosheeHeh, sort of reminds me of those jellyfish things in Mass Effect

"This one..."
effect"This one has come to spread word of the Enkindlers." lol
Someone ElseWhat is this? I don't even...

Is an overused but still funny reaction (Well for me though)
speaking of Mass Effect, ive been playing the sequel alot. ME2 is a really nice looking game and alot of fun. as a guy who normally stays away from virtual rpg games and plays alot of FPS's, i find myself at a balance of both worlds with this game.
the controls for the PC port is a little different frrom most, but manageable.

enough of these silly shenanigans, im ready for the next installment in the railgun chronicles of the railgun girl in railgun city!
AngelusThanks Reizo and Azzy I will give coreAVC a try.
MrTRanCeEviLSpecial Thank for people bring this idea...
CCCP + CoreAVC = ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Now my PC can run 1080p without any problem...
Thank again~
GeRo~ GeRo~ (^_^)~