To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 22

Wait wait, excitement and plot in my railgun? What?

Here you go. 720p and 400p.

Update 2: Tracker back up. Sorry about that!

Batman she is not.
not batman

And today's did-you-know:

And yes, we're doing Angel Beats.

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ThunderBridgeBluesneato and thank you very much, I have appreciated your work greatly.
ThunderBridgeBluesI'm such a cool guy, I didn't even bother to see if there was a link yet. Just thank you for what you have done. =D
DetectiveMazui is very good and not very bad like the name implies. Keep up the crazy awesome!
Azure_ShockwaveHurrah! for the subs!

Yay! Angel Beats! will NOT be a let down!!!

LOL, so a new parallel each time!? WIN! Go Ritsu!
BizounoursBizounours says.. guess what?
kupiThx a lot!
LaurentDid I already tell you I love you today?

"And yes, we're doing Angel Beats."

ヽ(´ー `)ノ
MrTRanCeEviLThank You Mazui~
GeRo~ GeRo~ (^_^)~

Angel Beats!!? Do it.. And I download it..
Big Thanks again for Mazui!!!~
Hip2 Hore!!~(3x).. :D
thewizardninjaI probably wasn't going to watch Angel Beats but if you're subbing it I might as well.
mosheeHooray Mazui! Another great ep of Railgun and Angel Beats!

rovethank you very very much mazui...
and I'll wait for angel beats releases from u...
Rhastarothsweet I was planning to watch Angel Beats :D
asdafdasOh boy, I can't download neither of the torrents for whatever reason.
KeiichiI can't either... Maybe we crashed the servers...
KonnoI can't download as well from the torrent. What's wrong with it?

And thank you very much for Railgun 22! You rock!!!!
UlrezajYou guys are kicking the tracker's ass. Static links substituted.
argasyHi. How come im getting an "invalid torrent file" message when ever I try to DL?
asdafdasWhoa, I didn't think Railgun was THAT popular.
Thanks for the new links.
ShadowThanks, Ulrezaj! Those work now. And thanks for the release! =)
argasyWOW! Thankyou verymuch. Works now. ^_^
SamdidliamboHmm... I wonder if the original "lolritsu" girl in the manga was a tribute to Ritsu, and that's why they got her voice actor for the anime? Just wild speculation, really.
acidtreatcool. looking forward to angel beats. Also hoory for working IRC when torrent isn't working!
acidtreatlol nevermind i supposedly got banned for 10 mins for having too low of a connection speed even though I normally download at least 1MB/s.
joshGreat work as always. Looking forward to Angel Beats :D
jofori89I cant connect to this tracker (offline), and cant download torrent file from it to
Someone ElseSo the torrent is acting up? I can't seem to connect with the seeders ??
ganglerSweetness. Glad to hear you're doing angel beats. I really love what you've done so far. I do find the excitement and plot surprising. Can't wait to dig in.
xvid linkCouldn't get this torrent anywhere. Then i found this. Enjoy.

sorry about other post, meant to post here...
thejojaIt didn't work for me at first too, none of the links. But when I opened the link saying 480p in the post on the mainpage, it did work. Good, awesome work maizu, this time, just like last time the xvid also was nicely fast.
AoShen800 seeds+ in 20 seconds with DHT alone... Mad torrent...
ShadowToma = problem solved. Although that would lead to a boring conclusion. ;)

6 days 23 hours to go til Ep 23!

Never knew Loliritsu was the same seiyu as Ritsu! Hahaha, cool! Now I like that char all the more! =)

magnet link
anonymousdownloading right now =) and Angel Beats? Sweet~
waiting sucksIn a location where DHT Fails... I got the torrent.... But no one connects to me.... Somone please add any of the trackers below to your torrent... This will help everyone get the file too...
BK201@waiting sucks
Added, will seed for about 8 or 9 hours with those trackers.
BjorneThanks a lot!
ShadowAs did I. Hope it helps.
xLastShotxThanks "waiting sucks" that did the trick =)
dualinlinethe epic forehead ( )
RyuumiGaroukuniCan't download... YES! IT IS EQUAL to the 3rd Degree!
ShadowThe main tracker is down (as of this post). In the meantime, you can grab it from Isohunt here:
anonymousKuroko: Seizure Time
Misaka: Yeah, your disguise is why to perfect
mosheeHaha... all except 8 of the seeds I see are from peer exchange or DHT...
rinWoo, thanks so much!
vietwolfThanks Mazui.

Angel Beats = win. Only thing I'm looking forward to so far next season and I'm glad you all are picking it up.
Frozen FireThanks for your fast and wonderful job, Mazui. :)
CherryHawkYou is doing teh Angel Beats??? Zomgz I justed jizzed insides ma pantsu!
gohan99thanks for the episode!!!! you´re the best!!! could you publish the script?? =) xD thanks!
spoilersuiharu's power is to keep things warm/cold....
a human thermos... really...
Midgemage^^^ **** you, troll spoiler.

But that's epic. Make for some awesome hugs.
anonymousWell since it's already been spoiled. Uiharu's power might at first seem like a worthless power it think about why she is so good with computers..... if she keeps the parts at a constant temp she can super overclock, he power doesn't seem so worthless if that's the case.
RyanWell, I must say, that unless you were trolling us with a pic of Angel Beats! pasted on your website, I would say that I did expect you would end up subing it.
So yea, thanks for clarifying that, and the Railgun ep. too! C:
PatrickBNice ep, and great that you guys are doing Angel Beats. Only downside is that I now have to see which group is doing the "best" subs :(

Prolly you guys, since I don't know any of the other groups :D
anonymousWhen is the katanagatari release?
sildrathank you from france ;)

SS is also going to do Angel Beats.
I can't really choose between the two! D:
SRZero-Raws released Katanagatari 3 raw a bit ago.. I hope you guys are gonna be right on this..
Click This@Anon:
Makes total sense. There's no way in hell that even a 1.8Tflop supercomputer could have brought up all those recorders during the taser episode.
Guard Cancel@Click This

I'm still stuck on the fact that they still have CRT monitors.
thewizardninjaI was surprised at just how much happened in this episode, especially the way it ties into the Sisters arc. It gives me hope that they might do another season of this after they go back to Majutsu no Index.
Guesser-kunBizounours says "THX 4 SUBBIN DIZ AWZUM ANIMUUUU!!!!11111oneoneoneeleven"
NathanThnx for the sub, we already knew she was her, right? :)
ManteRyou're doing angel beats!! i'm so waiting it.. and you're already doing awesome job in s&w2, toaru and katanagatari i'm watching. that's already been settled, i'll be looking for your releases!! ^____^ by advance thank you!!
PhantomARThank you for the quality of the subs, and thank you for the encode of XviD.
Azem4144Whaddya know, in Blu-Ray disc, Kuroro really did it while having the dream. Anyway, I want to ask, is Angel Beat fun? In Ecchi way, adventure way or action way?