To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 23

And it's out! This is probably our slowest railgun release evar. _| ̄|O、;'.・ オェェェェェ

Well, shit happens. Here it is.

Edit: And here's the XviD.

saten at bat

Also, while I'm at it, Katanagatari 03v2 with a proper raw is out. Get this one if you had issues playing the previous version with the vfr.

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kireblueno problem. You guys are still awesome.
EdwardDFMAAlright, thanks for the info :)
HuziThanks for info 2.
AmmReally appreciate you letting us know, instead of leaving us hanging
ZeroX25Thanks for letting us know, can't wait for it. :3
engineerIn manufacturing, something can be done right, done quickly or done with low cost. Then pick two.
You guys have no cost, done right and I was always amazed how quick you could always pull it off. I don't mind at all about the wait.
UiharuI'm warming up the popcorn!
CherryHawkI like how after a "spectacular series of failures" Ure barely half a day late. There are other groups that consider a timely release to be half a week (sometimes more) late. That's not something I mind, but I just thought I'd tell you how awesome you guys are.
m0ebiuskeep the spirits up guys, you're doing a really good job =)
don't really mind waiting some more :P
kidneyFor far better subs than anyone else (well, not like I try those that are a month late, but still...) a few hours wait on a weekend is a small price to pay.
rndmaoIt is not that mazui is late, it is that we are here early...
mosheeQuality over quantity.
KeineI do not mind waiting at all :)
positive_thinkerA news post for a delay of a few hours, that is whst I call dedication. Mazui you rock
Dex Luther'A news post for a delay of a few hours, that is whst I call dedication.'

They have to. Otherwise they'd probably get loads of people spamming all the comments going 'Where's this week's Railgun?!?!'

I agree with everyone else though. I don't mind waiting at all. Mazui's quality is way worth it. Heck I'll even probably wait until tomorrow to avoid the over-concentration of leechers.
Dr. BrownI invented this time machine out of my life savings so I can travel a few hours into the future and watch Railgun. Ep. 23 was so cash.
Mr.TakuWith all you've done, we could probably hang on for a couple of days. =D
notimportantIs Katanagatari 03 still getting a v2 or is that low priority now?
Findythx 4 your info~
i better know the show is delayed rather than hangin around PC waitin
WinterstarMazui you rock my socks! I would rather wait weeks for your railgun than cheat on you guys!! Lots of love and appreciation for a fan here in the South.
HexaqNo worrys Mazui, we can wait a mere few hours
MidgemageI'm surprised that no one has even attempted to say that they have something else to do in the meanwhile. I guess we all have no lives. XD

You're an amazing speedsub group, Mazui, and that is something that a small delay won't change. I think all of us here are happy and touched that you've devoted a little bit of time just to apologise to a bunch of people you have no obligation to work for.

We should be the ones thanking you! For all the subs you've done so far, and for all the subs you'll be doing in the future!
MuyuWith the above comment, you'd think the Mazui group was gonna die of a terminal illness and we're here to make sure their last moments are happy ones. lol. =]
RedI want mah ep NOW!

Nah, I'm trollin'. Take your time, we can wait.
noushiGuess I have to wait then :)
UlrezajThanks for being patient. It's out now.
notimportantYay Railgun! Thanks for the Katanagatari 03 v2 too :D
DarkHephaistosThanks for your speedsubbing
lolsharkDelayed wut? I live in sweden and the railgun eps are ALWAYS out on saturdays
WitchesSeems like SOMEONE was channeling Beatrice in this episode.
Midgemage@Muyu: That's probably one of the only things that can slow Mazui down. XD
mosheeHooray! More Railgun! It's been Saturday for an hour now, but whatevs the episode is here! :D I'm glad I stayed up for it.
thewizardninjaI'm sorry, I'd like to comment about how awesome you are at worrying about being only a few hours late but I can't help but look at that shot and go "?". It's just so BIG! I mean that bat looks bigger than her! Seriously though, that perspective is screwed up to the point where it's hilarious.
MuyuPanoramics my friends, panoramics. Does wonders for curving images. xP
psychoSlowest? heh, it's still released on my usual saturday. love you guys!
MuyuWhat.. exactly is that thing made of ASCII characters suppose to be anyway?

_| ̄|O、;'.・ オェェェェェ This thinger. >.>
dantewaiting for the xvid version :3
TorisThanks for subbing, well done as always! You guys should add a "Donate" button somewhere, I know I would use it ;)
I believe that may be somebody collapsing to the floor in great despair, as one does when releasing the slowest railgun evar.
Findyslowest? i dont think so~
you always done a great job and it's faster that your prediction right?

so bottom line thanks~
GeRo~ GeRo~ (^_^)~
SamdidliamboMuyu - Yeah, it's like the smiley faces and stuff we use - It's a japanese emoticon.

A guy down on his hands and knees, either in apology, despair, embarrassment, or something like that. I think the next part is a guy pouting with a tear in his eye, and the last part is some sound effect written in japanese. Crying?

Oh well, that's what it seems to be from where I'm standing.
BizounoursBizounours says : Die Telestina (and thanks ofc)
DetectiveThanks a bil bros. I'll never use those shitty Ayako subs!
ranmachuaThanks guys. Hope the xvid version will be released soon
ShadowHmmmm, speculating what records Uiharu finds at the end..... clones perhaps? Will Toma make an appearance? Will Accelerator make a cameo? Tune in next week -- same Biribiri-time, same Biribiri-channel!
imaginebreakerxvid please
MichaelFast enough for me.
BiriThank you for the release!

The ending eps has gotten much better after the filler eps!

Quality over quantity, so take your time in releasing the eps, even if it's a day or two late!

Any word if this series will end at 24?
If yes, any more word if there will be a second season??

Thanks again!
YuiAnyone know when or IF the DVD versions will be released?

CDJapan is selling vol. 1 BluRay Ltd Ed. version for >$80USD! Ouch!
Yesasia is Sold Out!

This series IS going to be REALLY expensive for the Railgun collector!!
jojaBiri - This already is a second season (kind of) from Index. And I haven't found manga of a 3rd possible season like Railgun had yet.
rinThanks! Mazui subs are worth the wait.
BlindI've a question, the new Katanagatari does applies to the people that had troubles playing the first mkv right? or is there like a super update between raws. V1 plays for me fine, but from time to time the frame rate would get bad.
PeanutBrainHow come i cant see the subs? :( Who wants to help me? :D
Jama@ Blind: Get the v2 if you don't want those few scenes where the scrolling text appears to lag.

@ PeanutBrain: Read the FAQ

I just tried to watch some Railgun episodes with CoreAVC and SMPlayer, but it only showed the subtitles, no video, all black.
dudedisregard my comment above.

i'll use this opportunity to thank you, mazui team, for the subs :)
mosheeTelestina is so creepy! What the hell 0_o
SamdidliamboTelestina reminds me of Beatrice the Witch from Umineko no naku koro ni. She has the same hair and eye colour, and the same evil laugh. I just checked - and It's the same voice actress!

Now I just want to know what's up with the candy colours...
DragonvareThanks again for the subs. Please keep up the awesome work.
SyzlykunIt's like telestina has a split personality. lol. Can't belive 3rd strongest level 5 lost to a speaker tower and a robot suit.
Shadow"Now I just want to know what's up with the candy colours..."

Here's what my take is: They are Soul-candy! Mod-souls!

Telestina pops one in Loliritsu and her shikigami comes forth. She then goes to battle fighting against AIM Bursts that were breaking free from the Imaginary Number Sector and rampaging about Academy City!

Unable to defeat so many at once, she takes hold of her Zanpakuto and cries out, "BAN-RI!" becoming a Level 6 and saving the day!

She then returns to her body just in time to be woken up from the events of Episode 24.

On a side note, I'm betting the next series will be based around Accelerator cause it's a perfect tie in to the clone arc which is coming up. Plus, in Index, they never did the tie in with him using the Misaka netork following saving Last Order.

A Certain Lovable Accelerator, perhaps? ;)
anonymousIs the story just getting more boring, or am I just getting old?
lolsharkMAZUI ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!oneone1eleven1!!1
Inara963Again, thankyou so much for all the great work on katanagatari and TknR, as well as H.Suzumiya as well. Really appreciate all the great work.
BTW will you be subbing the new Haruhi Suzumiya movie?
Inara963BTW really fast torrent download! thx so much
SamWhere's the ''did-you-know''? D:
Beatrice is Telestina. XD Best anime laugh ever!
xoleumhmm, saten + stick = ???
MidgemageThis episode was sort of *sigh*. Hope next week's one is an epic, because it's not really that awesome right now.

Also, needs moar Touma. Rite? :D
EdwardDFMAyea more Touma!! xD

and I agree w/ you Midgemage =p the story ending I can tell it's not going to be all that good =p
dualinlineahaha Misaka lives, thanks to Heaven's Canceler
ShinkuCan someone please get Touma into this now? He's dying for some real screen time.

Midgemage, how can you say that? We got a shitload of plot, Misaka getting her ass handed to her and essentially getting murdered if Heaven Canceler/Frogface hadn't been around. And we have the official climax of the arc ._.
huhu*waiting for a berzerk misaka to shoot her railgun at Telestina with a truck instead of a coin*
Kuroko"Third strongest of the seven Level 5's, the Railgun — Misaka Mikoto Onee-sama. Tokiwadai Middle School's pride, the unrivaled Electric Princess!"
Findyi wonder if "accelerator" will appear in this show~
i love his power
denmarkdesuthanks Mazui.

btw Bizounours is epic
bakanyankono accelerator won't be appearing on this show. This show already going to end
Findyheeee it will end >.<
when? is there a sequel?
Hundredfirewait there !! what is heaven canceler? could it be that i missed some interesting episode DX?
JinxerHeaven Canceller is a reference from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. It's the doctor who seems to be treating everyone's injuries all the time
NekokamiIf i am remembering this right, Railgun-Chan only has 25 Episodes.
So only 2 more and then it's over.
Wether or not there will be a sequel or second season depends entirely on how well received this was over in japan and how much money they made from it.