To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 24

No words need be said before you have watched the finale. You can do it in XviD too.

railgun final episode

It was a fun run, and we hope you've enjoyed the ride. There are many thanks in order, so I'll use this post as a 5 minute Oscar-style speech.

First, thanks go to JC Staff and Kamachi Kazuma for giving us an awesome anime. I'm well aware that fansubbing skirts legal boundaries at best, but even so, I do encourage you to support the studio and author in whatever way you can if you enjoyed this show. The anime industry can only grow if it's supported by its fanbase, so go order a book or two if your pocket can stand it.

Thanks also to the staff of this group who've put up with my whip on this show for two seasons:

Norgus, my translation partner and all round ass-saver whenever I get in trouble with technical jargon.
Jama, OCD timer who sacrificed much sleep to get you your Railgun fix in time (he lives in UTC+1).
Fotc, TLC and pinch hitter for crazy engrish/itarian that no one else understands.
Mreweilk, encoder who stepped up to the plate halfway through the season and provided us with quality raws at a speedsub pace.
TGEN, our tracker and seeder extraordinaire.
All our bot owners in #mazui, much love for the bandwidth they give us.
And of course, thanks to you, the viewers. There'd be no point in doing this if we didn't have so many people watch our releases every week, so thanks to all the Mazui fans who give us a reason to keep speedsubbing.

Well, that's enough mush from me. Drop by irc to say hi sometime, and see you next season!


PS. I forgot this last week:

As if it weren't obvious enough with that laugh of hers...

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anonThanks for the awesome subs.

I look forward to watching this and your future released.
3you're awesome, thanks for subbing it till the end ^^ great job!!
yuwaThird. ??
GarThanks for subbing it! Can't wait to see what you pick up next season.
yuwashippaishita!! anyways, thanks for subbing
PhocusApplause for the quality speed subs

So what are you guys planning to sub next season? Any predictions or thoughts to share?
GarMaybe it is just me, but the file is broken?
GarNevermind lol sorry
HalofarmMany many thanks for providing us with great subs on a timely basis week after week on this one guys.

Really appreciate the hard work you put into getting leechers like me our Railgun fix.
firstpostThank you all very much for taking the time to do this for all of our enjoyment I (and im sure the rest of us) really appreciate it
DonelopSoooooo this is the last episode right? Is there going to be a season 2?????
relmsteinYou guys have to be one of the highest quality subbers out there. Thanks again for picking this up.
BlindLove you Mazui! been with you since episode 1. Thanks for a wonderful season of Railgun! Looking forward to your Angels Beats. :D
DetectiveFuck year another badass season completed. Almost a full year now eh? I'll be waiting for those Beats subs.
DetectiveOh an of course,
Detectiveyou guys are the best! (My line got plowed off)
MrTRanCeEviLAhh~ Last Episodes~
I will miss this season~ And waiting for next season(second season)~
But, Big big thanks for speed sub, good 'material' release, make big fans smile, fast update~
NyaaMieow~ (^_^)~
P\s: I will miss Gegota for good~ Hu~
mosheeAnother great series comes to an end presented by a great speedsubbing team. Looking forward to Angel Beats! (!)
Azure_ShockwaveYay!!! Finale! Best ever guys!!
ChizakiGreat job on subbing the whole series! Your subs are always so fast and high quality =D. Hopefully there'll be a season 2. Anyways, I'll be looking forward to the new series you guys are picking up!
910581-98523-1hopefully xvid,avi will come out faster this time =.=
railgungreat work, thanks for everything :D
JacaraA big thanks to everyone at Mazui for their hard work on the Railgun project. You guys are the best.
anonymousAm I the only one who enjoy the filler episodes more so than the ones with plots? I mean the last few episodes the plot is just silly.
ZeroX25Thanks you for the amazing subs on this series, you guys are awesome!
NekokamiWell, that was anticlimatic ._.
*sad now*
Riv4LSpoiler etc.

Was anyone else a bit annoyed that Touma didn't make a larger appearance in this episode, apart from during the end credits?
lcleongits side story after all.. what do u expect it? =.=
sniktwhoohooo, thanks for subs :>
MizakaLuvThank you Mazui for the great series!
It was long and the fillers did fill in some of the characters' backgrounds but now it's over!

Let's hope there's any season planned!

Thank you =:)
Kenta4283Well yeah the laugh was pretty obvious though I recognized her on the way she said baka. God that's so annoying. Well since there done with this I hope they start up the second season to index.
anonymousThanks Mazui for subbing Railgun.

Hope to see next anime from you!
SorrowThanks for finishing this, I was totally in love for the first half of this show, then in the second half, I don't know what to think.. Well it was worth watching I guess..
Anon523Since I know you're not doing it for the viewers, I am very glad. They aren't worth shit.
T3h BonDamn, now that it's over, what will i ever look forward to for my Saturday afternoons?

Thx Mazui for subbing this series. I first got Ayako's, but some of the glaring errors/questionable translations they made was too much for me.
Ickydoes the beginning sound weird or is it just me? TY MAZUI FOR TEH SUBS
RileyThanks much for the subs and the Xvid! I've really enjoyed your subs this season, and am looking forward to your next project.
PodzinjaTy mazui for subbing this and all other animes in such short time and quality ... definetly my favorite subbing group .. im looking forward for other grate animes you gona sub..

in other words: i just love you !
RhiannThank you for subbing this, it was awesome
TamashiiCongratulations Mazui!!
Thanks for this awesome awesome awesome job, well done!!
Hope to see your next sub!!!
I can't believe Uiharu's real ability is to warm up stuff... What about the non-self-acknowledgeable flower bouquet in her head?
curious oneI don't think they've mentioned Uiharu's ability in the manga yet(unless I forgot), but it is only level 1, so I guess the author told them what it was. She's not really that important in the manga anyway.

Anyways, thanks for the subs as always. I look forward to more Mazui work.
helios2k6Thank you so much for faithfully and diligently subbing this and other anime. Your work has not gone unappreciated.

You guys are one of the best fansub groups out there.

Hope to see you next season!

Much love

- helios
SpooktYou guys always do an awesome job. Thanks, Mazui! See ya next show!
IzzyThanks for the episodes.
thewizardninja@curious one
Even if they never mention it in the manga you can probably assume it's canon, all of these extra episodes were original stories written by the original author remember.
curious oneYeah, I wasn't questioning whether it was canon, just wondering whether it was mentioned in the manga.
milk-kunA million thanks Mazui for the speed subbed Railgun, really did an awesome work of it. Well, I'll be leeching Katanagatari (whenever it comes out) so it's not goodbye for me :p
Manny88Thank you so much for the great fansubs! i love this whole series (Index and Railgun). i got into it by randomly downloading the first episode of Railgun from you guys and i'm so glad i did. Thanks again! ^^
ZanadulThank you guys so much for an amazing run! Truely all of your hard work, dedication, and incalculable amounts of tenacity deserve the greatest appreciation! I look forward to what comes next!
the end always come~
i'll hope there's a sequel for this show and if there is. i only take it from MAZUI cuz it's the best out there ^^
SSThanks a lot for all your hard work. I really appreciate you guys subbing Railgun. Cheers!
topspinThanks as always for your effort (and persevering through this filler crapfest). Here's hoping Katanagatari turns out better or I'll feel bad for your efforts going to waste on two series in a row!
roveThank you very much mazui for finishing this very nice show..

You guys are very great...I hope next spring season will be greater..
See you guys on next season...

Once again....hounto hounto ni arigatou ghozaimatsu....
mata ne~..^_^
ShinkuThank you for a good, clean run. Easily one of the better subbing groups on the net, and fracking timely as well. Wonder what the next To Aru will be...Index season 2?
TifaI can't find a word to express my feeling about you. Really thank you for that six months with such a speed and high quality sub ^__^
ShadowTY, Mazui, for the great quality subs at a pace that rivals that of the fired coin from Misaka's Railgun! =)

I was glad to see the cameos end out with Touma at the very end! I guess I really couldn't see him being a large part in something as big as this since it went down during the Index timeline and not even a hint of it was mentioned about it there.

Still, I was hoping they would have foreshadowed with a clone walking by in the background during one of the end cameos. ;)
curiousAny chance of getting a torrent pack or batch with all 24 eps?

I realize they are all available for individual download, but I was just curious

Thanks for the releases.
nevThanks for subbing this! You're all great.
Luvthank you so much, mazui
AnonymousMazui, you are an awesomesandwich on awesomebread with awesomesauce. This is some of the best speedsubbing I have ever seen.

Lightning-fast, but amazing quality for the time, and brilliant consistency. You have sacrificed your Friday nights to give us something brilliant on Saturday morning and for that, I am grateful.

I liked this series a lot. Will probably be buying the Blu-rays (even if they are too pricey).

I wonder what you will be doing next. I know what I will be doing - watching this. :)
Tethx 4 ur great work :D
WesleyThanks Mazui, you've done great! :D
dantethank you guys, you've been awesome!
archerYou guys are awesome! Love you! xD
thank for realeases!
dualinlesee you next time, thank you
RadzeerThanks for your realeases guys. At least you weren't trolling us like other fansub groups. Your subs were good. I'm looking forward to your future works too.
RThanks for everything, Mazui.
Of course, now the next question is, when is the next season of Index/Railgun airing?
__[\]ew_Start__Thx~! Speed and high quality sub.
See you next time ^^
GratZ on finishing Railgun!!~
Thanks for all your work =)
Anon mouseThank you very much, Mazui! You have never disappointed! Amazing subs.

And I agree completely with the Anonymous guy!
jaI would say Telestina Kihara Lifeline looks like Bayonetta (bleh).
CrusherThanks for the great work on Railgun.
Enjoyed quality subs ^^
TorisThank you very much for subbing Railgun and allowing me to enjoy this great series. I'm looking forward for your other works!
CooperThanks a lot, Mazui for not mazui subs at not mazui speed =]

And this just killed me.
engineerInteresting ending.
I was seriously wondering if they were going to bring back Misaka's boyfriend who could nullify-esper abilities as a counter to the "poltergeist" issue. Sigh. I bet that Misaka can become a level six, or with the clones from the manga, they can telepathically link (once mentioned that she could telepathically link with someone of very similar abilities, why not a clone?) Misaka could become a army of one, each clone working as a group. Now that would be sick.

I would also like it if they had a few male characters....there was one in the entire episode, and he was a student. Not to be gender-specific....but...uh...there needs to be some male characters.
Madn.a.c.c.@Engineer: Look up To Aru majutsu no Index, that's the Story of her 'boyfriend' and the Clones^^

Big Thanks @ Mazui for letting me see such a good Anime with such a good Qualitiy *thumps up*
noushithank you mazui :)
gumplugThanks for the awesome subs guys! Been with you since the start and I have really enjoyed it!
Xthank you mazui for these great subs!
Lucid_YumeThanks for subbing this awesome series!!! I hope to see the same quality for Angel Beats... oh damn that'll be brilliant!
ali3nAye, thanks for (almost) always beeing first with subs for this anime =) I rly enjoyed that show, hope they are planning on making another season ^^
EdwardDFMASadly I watched the last episode in XviD D: but the ending was average imo, but hey Touma FTW! xD
anonThanks Mazui, I will be looking forward for the next season of this for a fansub of yours. Really, thank you for giving us such entertainment.
lgmtktnx for all eps mazui :D
i liked the end.
njamunkyfor a big, tough, army guy to get all teary eyed, its a hell of a thing. congratulations mazui, you made a grown man weep. good job, hope youre proud.
MaverickThanks for all your hard work, everybody!
DragonziggThanks for all of your hard work guys, for sticking with it through the filler and delivering a quality sub at great speeds. Looking forward to your next project! :-)
KumaCurrycongratulations mazui~
MrLadyThank you for good release anime series Railgun. Thank you again.
anonymouswhoa I hope there will be another follow-up. and as always thanks for the subs mazui!
AzzyThank you, my Mazui peeps! You guys did a kick-ass job on subbing this series.
anonamugj on a great series guys
nenechanThis is easily the best release of Railgun that was done, imho. Groups that have been taking their time with their subbing aren't measuring up to what you guys have done in lightning quick fashion.

Thanks for subbing this awesome series you guys, you rock!!!

P.S. Can't wait for Angel Beats! :)
CherryHawkThank you for the past half a year of Railgun, and I'd like to thank Railgun for helping me discover Mazui : ) I'm very much looking forward to Angel Beats and the rest of Katangatari. Sore no tame ni yoroshiku onegai shimasu!
BeatoThank you for your fantastic subs.

I will definitely be watching your Angel Beats subs, Mazui!
anon-kunI just dropped by to say thanks, Mazui team, for the releases. :)
soransThank you, Mazui Team, for subbing Railgun :3 ! Thanks to you, I got to watch such an awesome anime =) !
NathanThank you for subbing this great side story, you guys are now one of my favorite groups :)
rinThanks so much for all your guys hard work subbing this show, I really appreciate it. Mazui subs are among the best out there and I'm just glad I got to watch such an awesome anime with such high quality subs. Keep up the good work!
KiyuThank you for subbing Railgun, Thank you very much
BizounoursBizounours is late, but says thanks.
HanoFistAdding in to the chorus of thank yous. Thank you so much for the excellent and timely subs. I especially thank you for the xvid option. Looking forward to Angel Beats.
SocialMaladyThank you for these awesome fansubs :>
Really enjoyed this anime, especially the last episode.
DemandredThank you so much! Ore wa Mazui suki da!
johnare u doing the specials?
riycouthankyou for doing this thankyou....
just wish there was another season comeing.....
PapaGeorgioThank you for all your hard work. I look forward to your next project.
tomty for the subs. (Although the xvid was less video quality than others IMO)Great subbing speed and quality.

Wonder if Index II will come out before railgun II...
MrTRanCeEviLOpss.. I also forgot.. With high hopes for the series Angel Beats!
This story has my attention.. I will look forward.. :P

ShadowA Certain Mystical Breaker

johnis there batch?
PhillangeesWhile it may not mean much coming from outside of IRC, I'd just like to say thanks to Mazui (all ya'all) for doing this show.
HimThis episode was so anti-climactic... oh well, great job on the subs
WjunThank You!
onzirI wanted to see moar Index-chan!!!
ChrisI can has batch plz?
caramelloso sad D: thankyou for picking up an awesome series. ^^ and releasing it fast.
i wished there's like Sisters clones part though ):
4FOURTH! ( no one claimed it )
lol, this shows how those bastards are thinking... I HATE THEM ARFGHHGJG RAGE333.... Damn "first comment" bastards, dirtying the comments of epic Mazui...
xDMazui ftw :D
Needs more Railgun!
TenryoThanks for the Railgun, as always. Now, about "Angel Beats"...

Everyone and their mother is subbing this. What's so special about it? Is it really the only good anime worth watching this season?

Personally, I don't see the hype. Haven't heard much about it, but from what I "wiki'd", it just seems like your typical run-of-the-mill "big gun, little girl" raining female fanservice.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, and show me that it's worth it. I don't want to spend 23-30 minutes watching something I may end up regretting.

End rant.
UlrezajTwo words: Maeda Jun
TenryoAh, no wonder everyone is going insane over it. If it's his work, I wouldn't regret giving it a shot, even if it turns out bad.
Lucid_YumePretty much, it's done by the God that is Jun Maeda. Music, story, and writing by Jun Meada, song vocals by Lia, animation by P.A. works(Caanan, True Tears), and character designs based off Little Busters. This is enough to make the show have such high expectations. It is pretty much a spiritual successor to Key's Little Busters(which followed those 'little works' known as Air, Kanon, and Clannad....)
stormsworderis it just me or they pulled a code geass on us with the giant mecha with the "hook launcher" and the biped on wheels (can you say Knightmare frame lol. And Kongo Mitsuki's ability is hillariously funny
TFHI don't understand the premise of Kongo's ability. Can she just accelerate things forward through the air despite gravity? Insight would be appreciated :[
mosheeThe Air Handle is basically an invisible, miniature jet engine that Kongou places on objects and pushes them in whichever direction they are facing (well, opposite)

At least, that's my interpretation.
stormsworderhmm...considering kuroko and kongo has been arguing about how many dimensions their abilities can do...can we assume that "Air Handle" is teleport based? (except since Kongo is a lvl 3 and not 4 like kuroko, she has to touch objects to "teleport" air thrust to that object?)
DarkMaverickI'm missing it alrdy :(
Midgemage@stormsworder: Kongo is a level 4, not a level 3.

In the first place teleporting air would do something; it would simply displace the air that was already there, and if there is enough air displaced, maybe create a gentle breeze in an outwards direction.

Moshee's interpretation is the same as mine; a slap-on jet engine. Which does bring to mind the question: why does she bother with a paper fan?
ShadowProbably a status symbol more than anything. Or on a some level it could play a part in her achieving her Personal Reality. Although I would lean more toward the former.
ShadowNeat, I just noticed that Biribiri's ending line is the same as her opening in Ep1. =)
hungyThanks for the subs and great work!
Azem4144Really a great series, can't compare to To Aru Majutsu no Index. Both are awesome in different good ways.
@DarkMaverick: I know... me too!!! D,X
deno4144This will be my favorite series forever. Great scenes, Only my Railgun had been played too, good one and Dear my Friend as ED. Mazuisubs, good work, おつかれさま〜〜。
bt37Cheers for the quality subs!
mikmaki wish there were more railgun episodes. does anyone know if they played memory of snow song in the series?
yun90i cant wait for angel beats! to be sub by mazui:D
ChickenQuick question Mazui, what font did you use for Railgun? and Thanks for Railgun
Luvthank you so much, mazui
austinThank Mazui for this!Will you sub Index SS2???
dragonsword445can you plz create a batch torrent of this series