Spice & Wolf II 03

The release of Spice and Wolf deserves more pomp and circumstance but the other goddess will kill me with her mind if I don't keep working on her ep. More details to come when she stops the whipping.

Anyway, here you go.


Q: Amati? Amarty?
His contract is signed "Amartiy" but Amarty's a real name so I'm just going to go with the animators-can't-romanize defense.

Q: "dirty myself with flour"?
No hidden meaning here. He's a wheat merchant so she's saying she'd work for him.

Q: Hare and Hounds?
First time I'd heard of it too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hare_and_Hounds_%28Board_Game%29

Q: Purity of the flour?
Wheat merchants would often add lower grade flour to their wares to increase the quantity. The amount added would normally be too small for even experienced merchants to detect, but Horo, being the wheat goddess, could easily tell.

Q: yiff yiff?
Apparently it's possible.

Comments (23)

ArmyofDarknessWoo. cant wait to watch thanks!
MoogyWhy is this 175mb
JroqueThe size of the video isnt affecting the quality right? cause damn... that would be a shame.. so hey, anyone having trouble with the down speed?
DgrayGTgood work thank you so much
Greenskyequick glance seems like the video is ok, though I haven't actually watched it yet. Thanks for the quick release! I live for thursday night these days :)

P.S. Does anyone know what time S&W airs in Japan? Just curious how many hours it took you guys to get the sub out; it seems really quick to me.
anonymousI dont know about the air time but this release was about 26 hours after the raws came out.
kupiYeah!! can't wait to watch... thanks a lot!
qezawesome! thanks.
@ greenskye, I'm also interested in that
saito^_^ah, thank you for the fast release again Mazui! oh wow, you release S&W and haruhi at the same time! cool! thank you so much! erm, usually all fansubbers will have to wait for raw to be release first. im not sure what time it was airing at but, the date would be 2009-07-22 for episode 3. anyway, that is fast enough for me. ^_^
SarahThank you, Mazui, for picking up Spice and Wolf II and doing such a great job on it! This latest episode... ouch. What a sock in the gut. (I am curious as why you picked Amarty over Amati, though?)
anonymousthe best episode EVER! can't wait for ep 4.
great job mazui.
don't dare to drop this show
NoOneerYaay. Fast Release
DgrayGTthe names of the chapters is quite interesting jaja
paulThanks :)
JonThanks a lot guys!
PerMCant wait for ep4
spitfire19thank you very much for Subbing S&W II.
Damn it..what's with the ending of this episode..can't wait for the 4th ep...
geekstarrrwho would have thought that the story would Pick up so fast.. that it would be this much suspense so quickly...
JojjeClose to tears at the end but I was more in shock. Thanks, Mazui. See you on Thursday.
anonymousPassing by and thought to add a comment.
Thanks so much for this!
Quazacoltthe size is affecting the video somewhat, but isnt noticeble if your on anything under 24" screens/1680x1050

this is most likely from the other RAW release thats broadcasted faster, not the usual TVK (assumingly thats where mazui get their RAWs from) which are a *TAD BIT* slower for this ep
BqPkuQckI'm relaly into it, thanks for this great stuff!