Spice and Wolf/Railgun batch torrents

We had this big plan to make crazy awesome BD subs out of these, but then we decided that that's not speedsubbing, and our time is better spent elsewhere. Thus, you get a nice, simple batch torrent of the originals. Enjoy!

Spice and Wolf: HD h.264 and SD XviD

Railgun: HD h.264 and SD XviD

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Blackvialthank you
marcialSois los mejores sigan así. thank you. taem.
Milfeullemfw my little sister can't be this cute icon
tfrBut... but... and I was hoping to get a nice clean version of S&W without that horribly ugly scrolling "please don't fansub our anime" message. Even if I had the money to buy the DVD copy I wouldn't want it. Official subs are always so ugly and often strike me as less 'proper' in translation.
Jumendez-samaIf you guys are subbing Ore no Imouto, I'm all for it.

Also, you guys should probably just say "Batch" instead of "[Series name] az" on the Quick links. People might not get that.

And finally seeding to somewhere that isn't BakaBT for Batches. Yay.
anonymousyou guys definitely need to do Ore no Imouto lol novel and manga are both amazing :P
philipYou peeps can be more than just speedsubbing and still do the Blu Rays!!!!
guyyea that'd be real nice
Zetsumeiman Just finished downloading railgun one episode at a time yesterday took me a week to finish it and now release a batch file?!?!
man talk about bad timing
Blackvialthe Xvid of Spice and Wolf doesn't seem to work for me
vhince4005may i request for mazui to sub

To Aru Majutsu no Index Season II

your the best speed subber that i know.

good job!
DoubleRainbowIs there going to be Spice and Wolf Xvid version? If not I'll get straight to that HD torrent.

Thank's alot for doing this, I've wanted a Mazui Spice and Wolf complete torrent for so long, I just didn't have the motivation to download them singularly.
grrrrrrrrryou guys are awesome. just asked for it once, and here you give it. ^^
s0rathThank you. We will make love someday. :3
Ananasii@DoubleRainbow & Blackvial
XVID link exists, but they managed to mess up posting it. THe link is - http://mazuisubs.com/torrents/Mazui_Spice_and_Wolf_II_01-12_XviD.torrent
AnanasiiOh, and thanks Mazui - you're releases are awesome
Thank you so much.
天使well thats ok :]
makes sense too
NaziGramourhaha "you're"
..The picture is ore no imouto
please tell me you're going to sub ore no imouto
well, i think they start to tell us that they will sub it ^_^..

Samdidliambo+1 for Ore no Imouto. btw, does anyone know where to find the light novel translated past the 3rd chapter?
If that's the case, then I already know where to go when Ore no Imouto is out.
someoneIf we are voting To Aru Majutsu no Index II... Need more Biribiri...
lazyWould be awesome if Mazui would Index II need MOAR INDEX x TOUMA!!
FuckfaceNo! Please don't do Ore no Siscon---it's the first show you'd do that is obviously fan-pandering crap, and one of your strong points has always been picking decent series. (Although come to think of it, Ookami-san is starting to look pretty dire... needs to stop trying drama.)

I made it around ten paragraphs into the Ore no Imouto light novel before I suddenly vomited all over myself from pure misery.
ganglerfuckface, don't you think you're overreacting? It looks like a perfectly decent show even if it did pander. Railgun pandered all the time.

So they're doing one show that's not to your taste, I'm sure you'll find decent subs for whatever you'll be watching, so what does it matter to you if you don't use mazui for a season?

Furthermore, ten paragraphs is hardly a fair judgment. That most likely wouldn't get us to the end of episode one. It's a bit much for you to come in here ridiculing and doomsaying over ten paragraphs.

Honestly, as far as I'm concerned, mazui has done no wrong yet, so whatever they pick I'm sure I'll enjoy, regardless of whether or not it's a genre I would typically seek out.
meepWell, that was one of the more even-headed responses to an obvious troll I've seen.
skyhackWhatever. Anything you sub gets at least a 3 episode test. So far, I haven't dropped a Mazui series.
Tonitrus_006I am behind the requests for Index II, just because it is what I am looking forward to most and I don't trust another group to deliver like Mazui has consistently done since I started watching their subs last summer. But yeah, whatever they sub, I will probably watch. Ookami-san seemed like something I might watch until I saw Mazui was subbing it when Railgun wrapped up. Down for whatever.
ラザルさんOMG, do the OreImo, pleeeeaaassseee!! :D
D_PIf either Eclipse or Mazui will sub Index 2, I'll be contented.
Captain ChunkyI started following Mazui for Railgun, didn't really plan to stick around until Katanagatari and Angel Beats rocked the house. I haven't gotten quite as in to Ookami, but it might need the light novels to help it along.

Needless to say I'm hoping for Index II here :)
Kirinodo OreImo please!
or maybe you can do both Index II and Oreimo this autumn :3
kakuSub BOTH!! but that makes mazui buzy :3
DizzyIt will be interesting to see if Mazui will do Index II. I think Ryuumaru is thinking of picking it up, but I seriously hope you guys do. For speedsubs, there is a pretty unusual amount of quality. >=D
vhince4005well, for me, every release of mazui, is in my MUST DOWNLOAD list. ^_^

Index II is what i want now, ohh, they dont do ecchi anime, too bad for To Love Ru II

but its ok coz your the best SPEED SUBBER.
vhince4005well, for me, every release of mazui, is in my MUST DOWNLOAD list. ^_^

Index II is what i want now, ohh, they dont do ecchi anime, too bad for To Love Ru II

but its ok coz your the best SPEED SUBBER.

Ryuumaru sucks in their MKV releases,, i've always got an eror in subtitles,
armoredguyPlease do Index II next! I like your translations more than any other group out there!
anonEclipse as of late are not the Eclipse of old - they have not released the last 3 episodes of Kaichou wa Maid-sama. Also, they are quite behind on Amagami SS. At this rate, I would consider even choosing gg over Eclipse.

Anyway, from the thumbnail of this post, I would like to believe that Mazui will sub Ore no Imouto, while not expecting them to do Index 2 (I personally think there are better fall shows for Mazui to sub)
biribiriSee Index is perfect... 1)Main story Railgun 2)It is a light novel so Mazui should sub it *wink wink*
Jumendez-samaOn the whole OreImo vs Index II thing, I can go both ways for various reasons that I care not detail.

I just hope you guys do the Railgun OVA; that series was awesome and hopefully the OVA will be full of win as well.
anonymousim just guessing the OVA will be the Sister's Arc just like the manga?
anonI personally don't get the 'it's a light novel, therefore, it should be subbed'
Apply this theory to anime fansubbing in general - Series x is an anime therefore it should be subbed.

Index II or not, I'll just wait for CGi's BD releases which will either use Eclipse or Mazui (if they sub it)
anonyanonymous---no, by all indications the Railgun OVA will just be 20 minutes of more fanservice. Not that Mazui shouldn't sub it, but don't get your hopes up... we need a second season for the sisters...
anonymousThere's no need for Mazui to sub Index II since gg and UTW are doing a joint release for it. No point in having groups with similar speeds competing when more shows could be covered. I'd like it if Mazui did Ore no Imouto or Panty & Stocking. Of course the decision is completely up to them, we'll just have to take w/e they give us.
last_exileYou guys haven't changed the background for Ookami-san yet. It's still Angel Beats.

And while we're on it, Angel Beats batch pl0x?
majimeWas really hoping for some BR releases of S&W ;_;
skyhackWould much rather have Mazui do the subs for Index rather than gg. At least it'll get done.
go3001BD would be AWESOME!!!! You can first sub the TV ver, when the BD is out, get the raw and put your subs in!! PLEASE!!

And, sub Index II PLEASE!!! ITS SO GOOD!!! Hope there's Railgun II... lol
Pyro3000Would love if you would sub Index II.

Mazui is the best. I'd hate to have to settle for gg for a show like that.
o0MrCheesy0oLoving your stuff. It's just awesome sauce :D
UlrezajWe only plan on doing oreimo. Index 2 will be subbed by our buddies over at UTW, and I'm sure they'll have it out in a speedy manner.
I want AB batch too'kay, now that its out as a single batch torrent by my fav subbing team, i'll be sure to watch Railgun (as planned long ago since only compliments were heard)
MidgemageOMG YES! Mazui are doing Ore no Imouto?

Damn I love you guys. :D
anon@ Ulrezaj

Jumendez-samaWell, looks like that flame war was settled. I'll be looking forward to OreImo then.
SheeeeeeepMazuuuuuui ;A: I just died a little (a lot) inside when I learned that you aren't subbing Index II
Suzukugg-UTW joint release is excellent, I'm sure they'll do just as good a job as Mazui would. Although I wish Mazui would take up UTW's model of doing to shows a season instead of one. I think Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru would be perfect for Mazui to sub, along with Ore no Imouto.
PersonWell they are still doing Katanagatari... that is 2 when they start Oreimo
Immense FaggotHellyeah, Ore no Imouto. Can't wait for the new season.
Thanks as always, Mazui.
Findyconsidering this sub is completely FREE you can't find anywhere the donation or somtin like that
and the still provide best sub

i personally think can't ask nothing more but they long live happily ever after

fotcSuzuku: I'll be translating SoreMachi with pwq. You'll still have your Mazui-quality.
Suzukufotc: That's good to hear, glad it will still have Mazui in spirit, so to speak. Will you be the one translating Yosuga no Sora as well?
Jumendez-samaSuzuku: Don't get greedy now...though I think it's a good question as to who will actually be doing that one. Anyone know who's doing it at least. I need my Mystery-in-a-Small-Village fix since I just finished watching Higurashi season 1.
anonymous@Jumendez-sama: Not sure if you misunderstood but pwq is also doing Yosuga no Sora along with SoreMachi. I was just wondering if fotc would be the one subbing it. And YosuSora isn't a mystery series, it's a romance story. You should watch Shiki if you aren't already if that's what you want.
fotcSuzuku: See any other translators in pwq's staff?

YnS is about a pair of twins that move into the countryside. And you know what they say: When in Rome...
s0rathWhen in Rome... it's okay to be a boy-lover?
SomeoneWhen in Rome Twinsest = Winsest?
go3001I heard that Shana III is coming out as well and this time, Shana might be the Yuji's enemy because of the silver flame.... Any chance for you to sub it??
rainbowhey guys...been wandering.are you still releasing an xvid version of ookami 10 and 11?? thx guys
Jumendez-sama@anonymous: Yeah, I did misunderstand, thanks for clearifying. The description that keeps popping up on places like ANN or Chartfags makes it seem like that a little, or at least it did to me, but regardless, I think I'll still watch it now that I hear it's a dramatic romance, and it occurred to me only now that I needed a new Kanon/Clannad. May even download the game if it's translated and if I'm bored enough. Even if it is Twincest (my policy on incestual relationships: as long as it doesn't involve me).

@go3001: Shana III isn't coming just yet. It hasn't been announced to air this fall, so maybe Spring/Summer 2011 will be your best bet. And please don't describe it like that, it makes the series sound it has the same amount of plot as Naruto or some dumb series like that; you didn't need to even describe it anyway since most people are followers of the Queen of Tsundere.
Teh Big BonI was wondering, will you guys do the specials for To aru?
SheeeeeeeepI wouldn't call Shana the Queen of Tsundere
Jumendez-sama@Sheeeeeeeep: I was referring more to Rie Kugimiya, her voice actress.
PrologueOne thing I've always appreciated Mazui for is that no sub is a hard sub (in .mkv)

So many subbers don't leave us the option of watching op/ed/insert in RAW. I don't know about editing, but is it that much harder? Same thing with signs and letters and stuff.
ラザルさんMazui + OreImo = Pwnsomeness
OscarShouldn't the Railgun H.264 batch include the Episode 16 release with the 51779313 CRC-32 value rather than the 1DD575E1 one ;) ?
go3001@Prologue if u get it from original subber's website of course its not hard subbed well 80% ;P

@Jumendez-sama shes the Queen?! not as Happy in Fairy Tail...whos the princess then? lol

@Oscar i dont even know what those codes are for so i always rename them. hehe
GaiSeed the Xvids please :(
Those 8-digit numbers are CRC-32 values. You can use them to check integrity of the files (against corruption).

There was a v3/v2.5(?) released for Railgun 16 (http://www.mazuisubs.com/55), and it had a CRC-32 number of 51779313. The older v2, which had a missing font issue, had a CRC-32 value of 1DD575E1. For some unknown reasons, the one that's included in the batch isn't v2.5/v3(?) but v2 with missing fonts.
seedsseeds the spice and wolf xvid pleaaaaasssee
QiWkOGPkvkOlhIt http://dfWjf9Iieb62mPq1kAap4Tn.com
QiWkOGPkvkOlhIt http://dfWjf9Iieb62mPq1kAap4Tn.com
spiceyseed spice & wolf prease!!
anonymousCan someone seed spice and wolf HD h.264 please?
waterxenostuck on 73.3% on railgun 400p... been leeching for almost a week with 2 or 3 seeders only.... please seed guys i've been also seeding mine since last week until now huhuhu
SkyDreamerIs there any direct downloads available for Railgun?
I've been torrenting for a couple of weeks now, and am not even at 2%. The projected completion date is over a year away. There really are not enough seeders for the torrent to be a viable option.
Kumastuck at 57%. can i get a seeder or the XDCC link
DiVxViDReally wish that you guys seed yer older torrents... Especially the SD releases...
Butcher~BPlease seed the xViD releasese...
Specially the year old ones... ;)

GuyCould anyone reseed the Railgun h264 batch, please? :)
KintrexThe tracker seems to be down.
iroiroPlease can someone seed the h264 batch.
I'm just starting to torrent it.
I really want to watch it
iroiroPlease can someone seed the h264 batch.
I'm just starting to torrent it.
I really want to watch it
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