To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S 08

I swear there are perfectly good reasons why these posts have been so slow lately but I haven't had time to write an update on that front yet so I'll just apologize again and give you your episode (though, anyone with half a brain has nyaa on their rss feed/auto downloader already so it doesn't really matter...)

Episode 8: 720p | 480p

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Spring 2011 upcoming anime

It's that time of the year again. Yes, spring! When the cherry blossoms carpet the parks in a spectacle so sublime only nature can envision. A scene that will completely escape otaku because we're too busy gearing up for the new spring anime! (o≧▽^)┘

Without further ado, here's the spring preview: 2011年 春アニメ紹介大百科

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A Certain Incorrect Magical Index ep 3

Oh, nostalgia. Kudos to anyone who can get every reference in this one.

We're going to start translating videos from the weekly rankings, sort of as a snapshot to what's flying around the otakusphere. You'd be surprised how many 4ch memes were actually spawned from nico (2ch).

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A certain incorrect magical index ep 2

Here's number 2!

There's only one reference that might be harder to get in this one. There's one more in this series, then we move onto Index II, which has a lot more.

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