A certain incorrect magical index ep 2

Here's number 2!

There's only one reference that might be harder to get in this one. There's one more in this series, then we move onto Index II, which has a lot more.

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JohnUm, wow...that got blocked fast...
UlrezajShould be good now. Try again.
Fate/Stay Night
Mayoi Neko Overrun
JiroOh wow....I lol'd. /end
One of them is 'Durarara!!'.
KhmerCropsBakuman at the end
ToriAs a semi avid railgun/index fan, i really enjoyed this and the abundance amount of parodies are a nice break from the usual. I didn't enjoy the references to Durarara though, i never did like Izaya. Btw, does anyone know if it's only up to episode 2 so far or are there more up over on Nicovid?
ESo goooood ^^
Tyranid@psydef69- After Haruhi there was a Arakawa reference and the DRRR reference was mixed with Fate/Stay Night.

Plus another Ookami-san at the very end.
anonymousThis is seriously funny but which anime did that "it hurts i was punched and now my face hurts" come from?Also does anyone what that song at the end is called?
The song is called Blue Bird and is the OP from Bakuman.
anonymous@JJ thanks for telling me.
J3N0V4The Izaya bit had me in stitches.
SopThe lines after he got punched are a reference to Working!!
Fate/Stay Night+DRRR+Working
More DRRR+Hayate no gotoku (sign)
Mayoi Neko Overrun
Bakuman OP (Blue Bird)
<!-- hueHaven't been here in a very long time
onii-chan"no longer available due to copyright claim"

Can you batch all of them and add a torrent to nyaa?