A Certain Incorrect Magical Index ep 3

Oh, nostalgia. Kudos to anyone who can get every reference in this one.

We're going to start translating videos from the weekly rankings, sort of as a snapshot to what's flying around the otakusphere. You'd be surprised how many 4ch memes were actually spawned from nico (2ch).

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WoooYet another marvelous spree of me missing references.
bakaIt would be nice if you could put all the references in some sort of spoiler thing.
XyresicCode Geass
Seitokai Yakuindomo
Arakawa Under the Bridge
Fate/Stay Night
Seitokai again
??? (maybe Zettai Karen Children?)

64% ;_; (probably missed a few too)

Guess I'm still not otaku enough D;
KhmerCropsShinryaku! Ika Musume ref somewhere in the middle
OnyxHilarious once again. ^^
anonymousAwesome. Looking forward to them.
LaughmasterDamn. I was half expecting the song to be Rick Astley.

I guess the meme current is one-way only ^^;;
adam326Ahh... Code Geass. I'm just re-watching it yet again.

And I thought that, in Code Geass, Touma would be like Jeremiah 'Orange-kun' Gottwald with all this cancelling.

Just imagine Touma kicking asses with his Storm of Loyalty.
CrusherXLoved it ^^
What show is that music from, played when the glass breaks? It sounds familiar.
LuckytubeXyresic after haruhi is zegapain all the others im still missing
Luckytubehope that every one is ok.
it Haiti all over again but wit a larger earthquake but on a well prepared country a minute of silence for those o lost their lives and donate if you can every little help counts
Luckytubeits not zegapain its kurogane no linebarrels i always mix the two they are good animes (mecha)
RitoAnyone know what last songis?
Soulniconico always manages to make me laugh.
These elevens sure know how to make funny videos.
CrytoCode Geass + OP (Colors)
Seitokai Yakuindomo
Arakawa Under the Bridge
DRRR(Touma --> Izaya), ??? (Aureolus Izzard), Fate/Stay Night (Saber --> Kanzaki Kaori), Seitokai Yakuindomo (Misaka --> Amakusa Shino) (Laura Stuart --> Shichijou Aria), ??? (Styil)
Haruhi+Ika Musume (hat on index)

Touma --> Izaya
Aureolus Izzard --> ???
Kaeru Ishi --> ???
Misaka --> ???
Uiharu --> ???
FMA Brotherhood OP (Again)

Almost all of it =P
FredilocHaha, that was great. I love the Index face at the end!
ShanatanThe song that Uihara broadcasts is by Yui - Again. http://www.mediafire.com/?udt8lwta4ctz1ko
mascthemoneyIM JUST A POTATO!
rainI know it's been a long time but is there any chance of a re-upload for these videos?