Spring 2011 upcoming anime

It's that time of the year again. Yes, spring! When the cherry blossoms carpet the parks in a spectacle so sublime only nature can envision. A scene that will completely escape otaku because we're too busy gearing up for the new spring anime! (o≧▽^)┘

Without further ado, here's the spring preview: 2011年 春アニメ紹介大百科

And this is my list:
Hanasaku Iroha
Hidan no Aria
A Channel
Maria Holic Alive
Denpa Onna
Showa Monogatari

Of course, this is just the check-out-episode-1 list. I'll probably end up dropping more than half due to lack of interest/time.
What's everyone else looking forward to?

Comments (27)

Damiim looking forward to Hidan no Aria the most!♥
djahC and Steins;Gate are what I plan on enjoying, but I'll probably watch everything airing because I have all this free time. (I don't have any free time.)
djahBut I do have more free time than fotc.
AnonymousReally looking for Hidan no Aria, big fan of the light novels since they were published.
KishiLooking forward to [C], Hidan no Aria, TWGOK II, Ao no Exorcist, STEINS;GATE, Hanasaku Iroha and SKET DANCE. :'DDD
SpillerAre the numbers on the right the time it airs on the different channels? With 25:00 being 1 AM?
MrHayateHidan no Aria
iganiganayDenpa Onna.
MLxCasting my vote for Maria†Holic
adam326I was going to watch C and Moshidora. I will also watch Steins;Gate and Denpa Onna since Mazui is subbing it.

And during watching this video I totally fell in love with Hanasaku Iroha(even though I didn't understand one bit). I guess I'm no true otaku for not knowing it earlier.
Others I'd like to watch if I have time are Nichijou, Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi and Showa Monogatari.
ReviiHidan no Aria, J.C. Staff, enough said.
jindo90Mazui plan to do any spring anime?
Mazui's speed rules.
J3N0V4Don't do Moshidora, GG's already doing it an I'm working with a small group who plans to do a less intrusive sub than gg will.
I'd personally like to see you do Oretsubasa or S;G
Please be up-to-date when you speak.
Mazui's already stated they're doing S;G and Denpa Onna.
IsadoraEverything because I'm a loser and a moefag
anonymousLooking forward to Kaiji more than anything else.
anomalyMost of them xD.
Rotte and Hidan the most though.
asIm looking forward to 'Steins;Gate'...
and of course i will not watching it except from you
battlesheepLooking forward to Hanasaku Iroha, Oretsuba, A Channel and Denpa Onna :)
apI hope you'll be doing Hidan no Aria too.
TsI am looking forward to Hidan no Aria the most. I was hoping you would be doing this though.
battlesheepOkay, now after the first episode came out, I guess I'm NOT looking forward to Oretsuba anymore...
bleach6985can you please sub Hanasaku Iroha. Doki is doing okay but I have a feeling that Mazui will do WAY better
hidanwatching hidan no aria, except chihiro has started it already so i've been watching theirs. Of course thank you for doing denpa because i'm a fag and lurrrvvv stuff like that.
anonymousIt's gotten quiet here (in otaku section), but I would like to request same compilation of previews like this one but for summer 2011 upcoming anime.
SamdidliamboSummer 2011:

Fall 2011:
ruriAre you guys going to be going to be subbing the second season of railgun???