Tsuki no Sango

I promised not to abandon you guys over the break, so here I am with a new release to welcome the year 2012.

Coral of the Moon (Tsuki no Sango) is a short story by none other than Nasu Kinoko of Fate/Stay Night and Garden of Sinners fame. It was written for the Sakamoto Maaya Full Moon Recital, an event that took place a year ago where Sakamoto (VA of Ryougi Shiki) recited short stories to music and picture backgrounds. It is a story about a girl living on an island in the far future when humanity is on the verge of extinction.

As you can imagine, Nasu being Nasu, it doesn't read like a typical novel, so Seki and I did our best to preserve the style in translation. It's not too long, so I hope you can take the time to appreciate one of Nasu's less known works. You can also watch the PV for it here.

Downloads: Coral of the Moon.pdf | Mirror 1

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dkkdawesome, always a fan of nasu
YuenLooks interesting, always a fan of these kinds of things.
JammersI really like these sort of stuff, keep them coming! :D
TerithianThat was beautiful. I cried.
onzirGarden of sinnersWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????
asuraizenI must say that the story has a deep romanticism to it. I like it
silentleecherthat was really awe-inspiring! As expected of Nasu.
GiitaroidDear Ulrezaj,

Don't you want to post another Comicket (81) report? Highly appreciate if you do so
I'm sad to say I was unable to attend Comiket this year due to work obligations. That said, you might see stuff on it anyway when I finish with the site revamp!
ShinraeThis looks like a promising read...Thanks mazui.
AlexAwesome. Can't wait to give it a read after some classwork. Hope it's as good as the last.
CurryRaisuYay. I always appreciate good literature.
MahoroAndouYay! Thanks for the literature translations! There really aren't enough of those anymore, people are always spoiled with video and pictures, and don't really exercise the imagination anymore. (Not that I don't mind a nice show too ^_~)Keep up the great work, both in the shows and the novels!
TooriThanks, I love it.
B_Sas a fan of Typemoon, this works makes me know that Nasu also able to work such a lovely story. :)

It's such a beautiful love short story. Perfect. Thank you for translating this. Mind if you shared the original untranslated one? Half for collecting, and half for curiosity :)
SharmI'm not sure if this is Type-Moon-associated or just Nasu Kinoko on his own but man they sure know how to keep their fans entranced with their work! Thank you so much Mazui for translating this!
HRThat was beautiful. I was really absorbed into the reading that time flew by. Thanks for working on it and please keep doing translation of this kind of interesting readings.
Alex0714wow, thank you very much!!
AnonymousXviD version where? wolololo
First of all thanks for this translation, I really like Nasu's works :)

Then I would like to translate this work in Italian and I want to know if for you there are any problems to do it :)

Sorry for my crappy english -.-'
mrxbakaAre there more of these!! I would love to read some more if they Mazui translates them!!
inter4everThanks you for this release. Not many groups exist for this type of releases so I really appreciate your work. It would be great if you could release this and 'Remembrances for a Certain Pilot' in EPUB format which works much better with ereaders. Thanks again!

As usual, feel free to do anything you want with our translations.
dutchmanawesome job, we really appreciate your hard work.
ANThank you very much :)
RuskiaCan you please put up these up somewhere on the site so they don't disappear once they leave the recent news page?
GhostThanks for translating this. Awesome story.
anon-niisamaSo is there any chance in the future of those recitals by Maaya with images being subbed? So we can read while listening to her great voice?
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Lord PhrozenAt the end of the PV, the video shows that the package includes 2 disks. What are those discs? Does it contain the vocal version or a soundtrack?
vhince4005i thought there was an anime version? but in MAL it says its a 3 min episode?

where is it?
HKThe pdf is the translation from the dvd or the PV ?
xenocrossas usual, I would like permission to put it in baka-tsuki